Currently Loving #9

I love it when I come across products that are amazing, what a way to share the love then in a good old favourite posts. I'm a creature of bad habit when it comes to these posts as I tend to use the same things everyday rather than trying new things out, however I am doing my best to mix things up as often as possible. Hopefully, that means more of these! 

A huge fan of Antipodes over here, their products are made of incredible, kind, skin loving ingredients that don't irritate my skin. This creamy formula helps break down the makeup at the end of the day and give the skin a lovely fresh feeling. I love using it in the morning, to awaken my skin and give it a smooth base for makeup. 

I got this mini mascara in a subscription box and I've been obsessed. It has ribbed bristles that are loaded with a very jet black formula. The wand gives my lashes lenght, volume and fluttery goodness at the same time. It doesn't clump, run throuhgout the day or smudge when you accidently rub your eyes. 

There's a full review of this range on the blog here, but I can't stop talking about this concealer of the whole thing. Under my eyes, this brightens the horrible area and gives me such a lifting glow. I love how creamy it is and how it stays all day without creasing or cracking.

As winter comes around, my skin is craving anything that is moisturing and rich in nourishment. This day cream is great at giving me a plump, hyrdated face. There's honey blended inside with grape seeds that both help with keeping the skin clear and healthy. I love that it smells of rose and the formula is so lightweight, my skin doesn't feel oily or greasy. 

I stumbled upon this beauty when I went to Greece early in the summer and haven't put it down since. ND is a brand that I have wanted to try all year, but the high prices put me off. This retails in the UK for £16 or in Sephora I managed to pick it up for just 12 Euros which is pretty decent. The bronze/blush shade is great at giving my skin an autumnal flush wihtout looking heavy and chalky. Then, the highligher gives my skin a lovely lit from within look and I adore how the two look on the skin. 

MAC Whirl 

An oldie but a goodie, which is perfect for this time of year. Whirl is such a cult MAC classic as a lip liner but in lipstick form it is even better. The creamy, matte lipstick gives you that classic 90's lip colour without looking washed out and awful. I love MAC lipsticks because they last well on my lips and never feel drying. This is just one of many fantastic shades they do! 

What have you been loving this month or do you love any of these?  💗


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