Fenty Concealer: BUY OR BYE

I couldn't have timed this post better as Fenty is now available in Boots! Which is so exciting as it will be easier to get a hold of and worth saving those points for. Boots are bringing out some incredible brands at the moment, almost becoming the UK's version of Sephora. No joke, Becca and Too Faced have also launched there! This post is a dedicated review to the concealer that was released quite a while ago but I was late to the party with. I've been using it under my eyes rather than my skin as the colour doesn't quite match me on my face. 
fenty concealer review acne

fenty concealer review oily skin

I bought the shade 280, which is the same shade as my foundation from Fenty (see swatches below of the two together). The foundation matches my face perfectly and has that golden undertone, but the concealer doesn't follow the same undertone and for this reason I don't use it on my face to cover blemishes ect. It works much better under my eyes as its got a cooler undertone. 

The packaging follows in line with the rest of Fenty's base products, clear, lightweight and simple. I love that it has a dofer foot applicator and this one is very flexible. It bends backwards and forwards to help glide the concealer on to every area on the face. It retails for £19 and comes in a range of different shades, as does the foundation. I have the foundation, concealer, highlighter and the lip products. My obsession with the brand is real and Boots stocking it, is going to make me want it all even more! 

fenty beauty 280 swatches

I'm so fussy with under eye concealer, I have sworn by the Maybelline Under Eye Eraser for years now. Its creamy, easy to blend and really brightens the eye area. Using anything apart from this scares me, but it was time for a change and in a way, I am glad I switched. 
My under eye area isn't as bad as it used to be, there is still a lot of darkness and pigmentation but no where as puffy or discoloured. I use a little as it goes a long way. 

This concealer has a very buttery feel to it and is very full coverage. It dries really quickly, so I have to blend like a speed racer once I've applied otherwise it sets and is hard to move around! 

Taking a small amount and blending out, makes a difference to the look of my eye for sure. I can see that it looks a lot brighter, evened out with my complexion and even without powder to set it, it looks smooth and flawless. It doesn't crease on me - which I know many people have complained about and it stays put for a whole day without irritating me or looking disgusting. 

fenty beauty 280 concealer review

I have really been enjoying using this under my eyes and can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. I am hoping to one day buy a shade that matches my face, to see how it performs.   Have you tried the Fenty concealer?                                     

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