Sephora Paris Haul

Back in December, really close to Christmas I had the best trip ever to Disneyland Paris. Myself and Nicole wondered off to the city for a little long weekend away to celebrate the amazing year we had. Round the corner from the hotel was a shopping mall and hidden inside was of course a Sephora! We couldn't help ourselves when we went the first time... we ended up going in again. In hindsight, I didn't actually pick up as much as I thought I did for myself as most of the things ended up being Christmas presents for friends. However, the things I did pick up have been sat waiting to be blogged about! There wasn't the biggest selection of brands there but lots of pretty things nonetheless. 

sephora paris haul

sephora masks acne

I couldn't walk out the second time without picking up any masks up, they had such a selection and it was hard to narrow it down to just two! In the end I went for the 'Green Clay Mask' which is perfect for purifying and pore perfecting. The sachet claims that you can get 4 uses out of it but instead of using as a all over mask, I use it to target areas of concern. A tiny amount, of this very thick mask goes on my chin almost every week to help with those stubborn, hormonal breakouts. I love how it makes my skin feel. 
The other mask I picked up was the 'Mud Mask', which was a bit of a last minute decision. The silver look of the mask intrigued me and it claims to calm and heal the skin after a breakout. With the main ingredients been zinc and copper, I can't wait to apply this all over my face! I will report back on how it works very soon. 

sephora paris disneyland
Sephora Favourites
Going to Sephora at the end of the year has so many benefits, the biggest one being that they have an array of different gift sets. They have their winter range (later on) then they have their favourite boxes. As we went so close to the big day, there wasn't very many but I did manage to pick this up on the first trip and its a good job I did, because the next time, there wasn't any left :(. I got all these lovely things for just 30 Euros!! What a bargain. So many brands inside that I have never tried and these very deluxe sized samples are great for the price of the box. 

Inside there is a whole host of products, the lip mask isn't something I have touched yet but it sounds like amazing - its meant to hydrate and soothe the lips within the 15 minutes that you apply it. Then there is a Makeup Forever eye pencil that can be used as eyeliner or on the eyebrows. A mini Too Faced Peach Primer, that I can't wait to try, it smells incredible! A Sephora Matte Red Lipstick that is gorgeous, it was my Christmas lip choice - loved it. A mini of the Sol Janiero Bum Bum Cream, this smells so good. I've heard so many people talk about this cream and how beneficial it is and they weren't wrong - my skin can't get enough. A tiny Huda Beauty Strobe in this galaxy purple shade, not really me but I hope to get some use out of. Then the two products that make the whole box for me, a Fenty Liner (which is meant to make liner easier and simpler) and a mini lipstick from the new range she has just launched. 

All this packed inside of one box for just 30 Euros - you'd be silly not to pick it up! 

sephora brushes set wintr
I have a Sephora powder brush from 3 years ago that I am still using, it hasn't shed much hair nor has it broken into pieces. My plan was to buy a replacement but they have gotten so expensive! I was not ready to pay for them when Real Techniques is cheaper and just as good quality. Then in the gift set section I spotted this till gem. This was 20Euros and contains 4 full sized and limited edition brushes. From left to right we have, a fluffy powder brush, dense flat brush for liquid products, angled contour brush and a flat shader brush. All four of these are incredible, so soft and don't soak up much product. I have been able to replace old brushes for these and kind of wish I got another back up set. 
Sephora Matte Perfection Foundation

Sephora Own Makeup Collection
I love the Sephora own brand and one thing that was apparent in this store, was that there was a big push to promote it. I love the lip products and eye products from the range so this time it was to discover the face products. After much deliberating the 'Matte Perfection Foundation' was my first purchase, it promises to give flawless, matte, long lasting coverage for hours upon end. I went with the shade 33/Walnut which is a perfect match. I've been testing this for the past week and I have to say its a keeper...
Sephora Illuminating Powder - 01 Delicate Glow
Technically speaking, I don't need any new highlighters but this was too pretty to pass up. They only have two shades in this as apparently they adjust to the persons skin tone and complexion, so on me this shade comes up more warm, whereas on someone fairer it shows more cool and glowing. The pattern on the product is beautiful as is the shade and I can't wait to cover myself in this! 

A very small but lovely Sephora haul from me, it makes me want to go back so much and buy more! Maybe this year...?! 


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