Flower Beauty UK Haul and First Impressions

Flower Beauty is a brand that I have oodles about on YouTube and have always wanted to get my hands on. When I went to Hawaii, they weren't stocked in any of the stores. However, Drew Barrymore the creator and brains behind the brand has recently launched a very limited range on the Superdrug site and I jumped to the chance to try and buy. For the first testing round, I purchased just three things - the foundation, concealer and liquid lipstick. Eventually, the aim is to buy more as she expands what we have available. The hardest part of ordering was selecting shades, there are very few swatches online so it was a guessing game until they arrived .... 
flower beauty uk

flower beauty superdrug
What is this foundation? According to the site...
SPF Foundation is a breakthrough formula that achieves the impossible; provides you with medium to build able coverage to smooth and perfect, while imparting your skin with the most flattering soft luminosity imaginable.  All with a weightless, nude skin feel. Imperfections and uneven skin tone are diminished. Only a flawless, smooth, and incredibly natural complexion is revealed.

It comes in only 5 shades, I went with Natural Beige but could have done with 1 up as its a bit too light, but something I can get away with. Honestly, every single claim above is true and to say its marketed as a luminous foundation on my skin, when set with powder, it looks amazing. I've popped some pictures at the bottom of the post. The first picture was taken at 9am in the morning and the second at 7pm when I came home from work. Despite having oily skin, this stayed put and did not budge. It does show my texture but all foundation on me do. The colour didn't look as bad as the day went on. My skin looked healthy, fresh and not cakey at all. fw

I have to set foundation with powder no matter whether it claims to be luminous or matte - because my skin is so damn oily. I've tried wearing this with no powder and let me tell you, it was not a pretty site. My only issue is the shade range and the fact you can't buy the range in stores. There needs to be shades and better swatches online because it is so hard. 
flower beauty haul uk superdrug
Similar to the foundation, this concealer comes in a sleek white see through tube with gold detailing. I ordered only one of this concealer and 3 arrived?????? I'm still so confused and amused as to why three of the same shade arrived. Again, it was a guessing game when it came to the shades but in the end I went with Light Medium but it is so warm and almost orange - I don't know if you can tell from the photo but it looks just like that in real life. Completely the wrong shade for me and now I have three. 
This is meant to be a blurring concealer that hides imperfections and conceals everything. You know what..it does exactly this. I can only use this concealer when I am wearing this foundation because of how light the base is, the concealer warms my skin back up again and makes it look normal. It has a dofer applicator that glides onto the skin with ease, blends like a dream and is very full coverage. Its hard to find a 'high street/drugstore' concealer that works well for cheap but this is amazing. 

On to the final product in this haul, a pretty liquid lipstick. That is non-drying and comfortable to wear. It doesn't have the best colour pay off, whether this is just this shade I am not too sure. But I had to apply a fair few layers to really get the shade that I wanted. The colour is very pretty though and I have not stopped wearing it, I just wish that the pigmentation was there...:( 
It lasts well but does transfer on mugs and cups, as my class of 30 children realised when I wore it on one occasion. 

Flower Beauty needs to be talked about more in the UK, its a great affordable and high quality brand. Drew seems to be adding more and more products online, so it is worth keeping a look out and finding something you like. 

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