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Every once in a while I come across a skincare brand that transforms my skin. Dermalogica have been doing their round on here, on other blogs and all over instagram. They are a brand that believes the best way to look after your skin, is to be gentle and kind with it. I have a selection of products that I have loved, used and put some away because they haven't worked as well. I have very kindly been sent these products, but my opinion is honest and I only say the truth - as always.
dermalogica does it work

dermalogica review
I have to say, I did not know how expensive this was until it came to writing this post. It might just be the most expensive product/serum that I own. This has to be a favourite product of mine, from this whole selection. The bright serum is a lightweight, serum that really really helps with hyperpigmentation. I find most things help fade the newer scars but this is really helping with the deeper ones. I saw a difference after a month of using it every night without fail. Now, I'm down to using it every other night - which is sufficient enough. 

This is a soap free, very gentle, foaming cleanser. It smells of lavender and has a lovely silky texture. I can't use this as a cleanser on its own, nor do I find its easy to remove makeup. Instead, I use it the morning to wash my skin off all the stuff from the night before and make sure that its clean and ready for makeup. It doesn't make my skin feel tight or irritable. Overall, its a decent morning cleanser if you want something quick and easy. 

Now, this is a exfoliate that I have used in the past and know that my skin loves it! If you have sensitive skin and get worried about over doing it on the scrubbing then this is the perfect product for you. This is a very unique product, its a powder that when wet turns into a solution. Its made with Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes. These three power ingredients remove the dead skin cells and leave my skin feeling so smooth. I can't exfoliate every day because I just don't have time - by this I mean - that I love giving myself a little massage. So, I do it about three times a week and my skin feels like a baby's bum - so soft! 

The precleanse, is a oil that is meant to melt away makeup and impurities from the skin. It is the bit before a proper cleanse or just a cleanse on its own. It is able to melt away layers of oil, sunscreen, waterproof makeup and anything else the skin has on it. I tried, tried and tried some more with this but just couldn't get it to work. My skin wasn't liking it, it didn't feel like it was doing much apart from moving things around :( such a shame because I have heard amazing things! It does however, do well as a eye makeup remover, it makes it easier to take all the stuff on my eye off without being irritating. 

This is another product that my skin knows and loves. It is a thick, but lightweight moisturiser that gives the skin so much hydration. It is easy enough to apply under makeup without feeling too much and then at night to nourish the skin. At first, I did not like the smell - at all. But over time I got used to it and now don't even think of it! This is a product that does what it says on the tin - perfect for anyone! 

Oh SPF... I am terrible with this. I have used this but need to use it more. Its just that in the morning, I am so lazy when it comes to skincare and makeup. I want to slap it on and go without any hassle. This extra step, is just something I skip/forget about. When I do wear it, it doesn't do any skin benefit for me but I know that its protecting it and that is enough for me. 

Wowza, that was a lengthy one. I love Dermalogica as a brand and can't wait to explore it more and keep these products going in my routine. 

Have you tried anything from them? 


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