Antipodes Round 2

I first discovered the brand Antipodes around the beginning of this year. Their Rejoice face cream changed my post winter dry skin for the better. This time, I have more incredible products to share that will be taking my skin into the winter and more or less after too. 
antipodes sensitive skin

antipodes sensitive skin

I never knew a cleanser could feel so luxurious on the skin. The Grapeseed Butter cleanser*, literally melts like butter on the skin. Its made with a blend of all of these oils and butter that makes it smell incredible. The heavy amount of shea butter does make my skin a little angry at times, so I only use it at times when my skin is looking and feeling its best. It removes everything face wise but doesn't do as good as a job on the lips or eyes, but nothing a little remover can't fix! I never really use balms to take my makeup off, so when I tried this for the first time I converted and fell in love. Because it feels so nice on the skin, I seem to be only using it when I am wearing a full face - compared to light, everyday makeup. This is because I can go in with this first as a first cleanser and then follow up with something more foaming. Just a final note, it smells divine - like good enough to eat. 
antipodes sensitive skin review

The name of this is so long but let me introduce to you the 'Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Skin Serum'*. Made for those of us with oily skin, stressed out skin. This bottle of wonder, does wonders to the skin during the night. I am only currently using this once a week as the other serum is just that slightly bit better - but nonetheless this still makes my skin look amazing. It helps combat those fine lines, especially around my mouth area and makes me look a lot more relaxed. It is quite a dark serum, that seems scary at first but it dissolves into the skin with no problem or staining. I have noticed that this works well under the eyes, its really helping with my under eye circles - which is odd but amazing! 
antipodes sensitive skin review acne

When you have oily skin, oils are very scary. Over the years, I have learnt to adapt and realise that infact, oils are good for the skin and can help in other ways rather than making you more oily. The Divine Face Oil* is made up of blend of rosehip and avocado oil - the smell isn't the most pleasant but the combination of them both work well for the face and body. I find this a little greasy feeling, so tend to apply a tiny bit to my face and pat the rest on my arms - its working well with dry skin near my elbow. This oil has helped me keep my scars at bay, they seem to have disappared whilst I had some colour on my face but then came back. Thanks to this super oil, they are slowly fading again and my skin is looking a lot more glowy. 

antipodes sensitive skin acne

Finally, we have my favourite product of the whole bunch. This is the H20 Inten Serum* and its bloody life changing. Its a water based serum that plumps the skin to give it some life and oh my god my skin looks so good in the morning. I apply a tiny bit after toning and before moisturising and the way it leaves my skin feeling is indescribable. Almost bouncy and plump, like I've had work done! I don't know whether its the grape or fern that is doing this but I am not complaining! Infact, this bottle is very nearly out as I've started to apply this both morning and night - just can't get enough.

... and as you can see, Antipodes has one again won my heart over with their fantastic skincare. It is all cruelty free, kind to the skin and their products work well under and over other products from different brands. 

Have you ever tried any of these? 
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