The Shoes That Go With Everything

I never really used to be a shoes person, the cheapest pair of ballet pumps from Primark used to do me. Until last year, I suddenly became more aware of how a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, similar to how accessories change the look of something. My love for them grew and I found myself spending more money on a good pair of them and finding an interest in styling them different ways. They are also the one item that I love to transition throughout the year, for example boots in the winter, pumps in the spring and then sandals in the summer. This summer, I have found the pair of shoes that will literally go with anything and everything all year round. 
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Let me introduce to you the gorgeous Mid Block Heels from Uppersole*. These shoes are a full toe with a medium block heel and a large buckle strap to secure the feet inside. I have them in the nude patent colour but you can get them in over 10 different colours! I'm talking coral, black, white - you name it. They retail on their site for £26.99, which is super affordable for a decent pair of shoes! Uppersole might be a site that you haven't heard of before, but I suggest you get that changed! I could spend hours browsing their shoes. They have stock of heels, boots, sandals and more - for women, men and kids. Not only is there so much choice but the prices are reasonable too. I actually have my eye on a pair of rock studded shoes in rose gold for the evening and they look so similar to the famous Valentino ones but only £29.99!
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I have fallen in love with these shoes in particular because of how versatile they are. In the daytime, I can wear them with a pair of jeans when going for a casual look. Or pair them with a pencil skirt and blouse for work. Then in the evening I can switch it up and wear them with a dress or jumpsuit, like I am on this occasion. They literally go with everything, at the weekend I wore them with an Indian outfit as they matched it perfectly! This outfit, I am slightly obsessed with. This jumpsuit is a new find of mine, the wide culotte leg work perfectly with my height (or so I think) and the spaghetti straps make this the perfect number for the summer.
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I am quite tall, about 5 ft 9, so wearing heels is sometimes problematic as they can give me too much height. These however, are the ideal length to give me a little boost without making me look like a giant. I also have big feet, these are a size 8, which is one size up from my usual size but I always prefer buying heels a size up because they are so much better! It is easier to fit in them and they don't give you any pain, just add an insole and you're good to go. I heard that the Royals do this too!!
These are super comfortable to wear, from 6am to 6pm for a wedding, they were put to the test and my feet did not ache one bit, which is amazing considering I don't wear heels on a daily basis.
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There is literally not a bad word to be said about these shoes, just that I need to get them in all the different colours available along with the other shoes on their site. A girl can never have too many!

*collaboration post with Uppersole

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