Rimmel Stay Satin Lipsticks

When liquid lipsticks first became a thing, they were my favourite type of lipsticks to wear. The lasted all day, looked amazing and did not budge. Then I fell back in love with lipsticks, and rarely touch let alone wear a liquid lip. This was until Influenster, very kindly send me eight of their new stay satin lipsticks. 
rimmel stay satin

The different finishes of lip products that you tend to get are sheer, glossy, matte and then satin/semi matte. These are marketed as products that give the lips a satin finish that is high in pigment, long lasting and comfortable to wear all day. They claim to last on the lips for 8 hours and won't leave your lips feeling dry. 

I love that all Rimmel products have a similar feel to them, lightweight and simple packaging and then a applicator that makes it easy to apply and glide the lipstick on. The shades that I have here are a real mix, some deep ones and other bright ones. 
rimmel stay satin review

Glam Rock & Atomic are the top two shades, one is a grey and the other is a bright purple. These are not very me shades, I have only swatched them and put them to one side for another time when I might need them. They just aren't shades that I can pull off, even though I would love to! They did however, swatch really well - no streakiness and one smooth glide across gave the colour pigmentation I wanted.

Then we have the purple-y pink shade in For Sure. I have actually given my mum this shade as it matches her work uniform perfectly, it looks so good against her fair skin, I am slightly jealous.Then the gorgeous red that you can see in the above picture is called Redical and this is the most perfect red if you have a deeper skin tone like me.  It is very cool toned, so doesn't overpower the skin and looks absolutely stunning. I am slightly in love with this shade!

rimmel stay satin swatches

Another one that I have passed on to my mum is Obsession, this a cerise pink that suits her well as it warms her complexion up. This was a very messy one to swatch, it didn't seem to glide on as nicely as the other shades did, which is a shame because the shade is gorgeous. Then there's Scrunchie, which is going to be my holiday shade for when I go away next week. Its a pinky coral shade that is simply stunning on the lips, I have a lip liner that matches with this perfectly and have been looking for a lipstick that will match so this is perfect timing.

Now we go onto the nudes, my favourite shade in general - all time. These two nudes are lovely on the lips but a nightmare swatch on my hands. They didn't just glide on in one as the darker shades did, it took a little bit of a get going. There is As If, which is the lighter more baby pink nude and then Shoulder Pads which is a bit more mauve and my favourite of the two shades. It is the perfect shade to wear everyday and when applied with a holographic gloss on top, the result is gorgeous.
rimmel stay satin  swatches
Above is Shoulder Pads - my favourite nude! and Below is Redical - so daring but I love! 

When I swatched them the results of each one was very varied, which worried be because this means that the production hasn't been the same for them all. On the lips, I had a similar problem. The darker shades applied much better, one glide across and the colour was outstanding but the nudes and pinks took a bit more work. It required me to go in again and apply another layer. This didn't stop me, I have still been wearing them non-stop these past few weeks to put them to the test.
 Upon application, they dry down to a semi-matte finish, do not feel heavy no matter how many layers you apply and don't feel sticky.
 They last throughout the day but do start to crack and dry up a little bit, almost as though they are set into a matte finish. I found that they did not do well with food and drink, they tend to cling on to my lips and then you can peel it all off, which meant a reapplication :(
             However, that been said I am still super impressed. For only £5.99, you can't go wrong!                        
*sent complimentary by influenster and rimmel, all opinions are my own

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