The Last Leg

I was so torn between calling this post 'The Last Leg' or 'The Final Countdown', but I immediately burst out into song! Trust me, you do not want to hear that. I went with the first option in the end as it works a little better with what this post is about. I am bringing you this blog post today in collaboration with Adexe, a brand that specialise in creating gorgeous watches that are perfect for every occasion, my upcoming occasion being graduation. 
I honestly can't believe that my time at university has nearly finished, at the end of this month I bid farewell to Edge Hill and hello to the adult life. I am currently in the process of finding a job for September and it all feels too real. I remember people telling me that the years at university will fly by, so be sure to enjoy it. Little did I know that they were telling the truth and now I relay this exact same message to other people. If all goes well and to plan, then I am due to graduate in the middle of July sometime in the evening. Which for me is perfect, it won't be too hot and it gives me the perfect excuse to look summery yet quite posh and put together. I think I am going to be wearing a white, flowy dress with some nude shoes and of course the all important accessories to make the outfit stand out that little bit more.

I finished my placement a couple of weeks back now and I had the most amazing time, teaching majority of the timetable was so tough but it made me realise that teaching is what I want to do and can see myself doing. Don't you just love that feeling of knowing what you're doing feels good! Now that placement is over, I have a couple of assigments left to submit and a portfolio to complete - then its all done. I won't bore you too much but there will be a post all about my experience very soon!

This isn't the outfit that I will be wearing on the big day but I think that if a dress doesn't fit perfectly then something like this might work just as well. Tapered trousers are my everything at the moment, they look the best on me because of my height and you can pair them with any shoe and top. In this instance, I have added a 3/4 length cream blouse and some heeled sandals to give that spring/summer vibe to the outfit. All of these pieces are old items from my wardrobe but ones that I love and adore. 

This Adexe  watch is going to make the perfect addition to my outfit and if you know someone due to graduate this year then I think this will make the perfect gift! This watch in particular is so elegant, its the Meek, Petite Marshmallow which retails for £95. Its a very small watch (as the name suggests) but even someone like myself who has the biggest hands this looks and fits perfectly. The white leather strap fits like a glove on the hand and the watch face is just gorgeous, with gold details inside and it also has the date which is a very rare thing for women's watches! Each of their watches are made with the best quality material and they are different to other watch retailers because they care about the products they produce. 

I am head over heels for this entire outfit but in particular this stunning watch, if you would like to treat a loved one to a something special such as a watch from Adexe, or treat yourself that is also acceptable! Be sure to use PARIE15 at the checkout to receive 15% off any of their watches.
*post in collaboration with ADEXE, all opinions are my own. Please note code is only valid for 2 weeks.

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