5 Everyday Nude Lip Options

About this time last year, I published a post about my everyday lip options and somehow it it still getting views from strangers- which is just amazing! I thought it was time to update that post with some more gorgeous lipsticks and of course, still nude, still pretty boring, still same old Parie! Technically this isn't just 5 options but....
indian skin nudes

NYX Liner in Mauve and Primark Liner in Brown // I seem to be having a thing for liners at the moment, they just make such a difference to a lip look and help it last for so much longer. These are both under £3 and incredible, both slide on the lips, give me that my lips but better colour and work any lipstick.

Becca Crystal Glow Gloss // Gloss has made a big comeback this last year and I am so glad. I love wearing it and it reminds me of the early days of me getting into makeup, this one from Becca is a gorgeous gloss that isn't sticky. When worn by itself it looks pretty glittery but on top of another lipstick or liquid lip it looks gorgeous and gives it that lip topper, sparkly effect. 

IMAGE Pink Lip Enhancement Complex* // All the lip products in the world are amazing but sometimes your lips need a bit of loving too. I have been loving using this tinted lip balm from Image. It smells amazing, which is always a bonus and it instantly hydrates my lips upon application. It also contains collagen which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and boy has it done this. My lips are so much more firm and a little plumper too, lipsticks (especially liquid) go on so much smoother. It is also a life saving product for cracked/dry winter lips, mine are terrible at the moment and this has made it so much better. 

MAC Lipglass in Winter Warmer // This lipglass was a part of the Christmas collection that I managed to get my hands on, this shade out of the three has to be my favourite as it is a very deep nude almost brown but not quite like Whirl. Just like the Becca gloss, it applies on the lips and doesn't feel sticky. I don't think it has very good lasting power, but then do you really expect a gloss to? I just love how I can apply this when in a hurry or even pair it on top of another lipstick. 

NYX Cannes - A couple of years ago in the blogging world these were all the talk, everyone was obsessed about them and finding them after a recent clean has rekindled my love for them. I forgot just how good these are, the formula is creamy and very long lasting and they have such a vast shade range. Cannes is the matte version of the MAC gloss, so weird how the two are the same but different. They also smell really nice and even after months of not using them they don't seem to have dried up. 

Huda Beauty Muse - I thought the mini tins containing these were just for the festive period but they seem to still be live on different websites. This is the first product I have tried from Huda and probably won't be the last, there is so much I want from her but it is quite expensive in my humble opinion. I do however, love this mini, so much so I think I need the full size! It is a very pink nude that couldn't be more perfect for me and my skin tone, I love how it glides on to the lips and for a liquid lipsticks doesn't feel drying or cling to chapped lips. 

Velvet Teddy // This is a lipstick that I have fallen head over heels for and it featured just a little while back in my favourites post. When I first bought the popular shade, I was worried that it didn't suit me but since rediscovering it and finding liners, such as the ones mentioned earlier it has become my everyday lip option. I am going through it like water and can't believe it has taken me so long to get it - if you haven't tried it, you need to! 

BonnieXo Lipstick // I had to include this in this post as its my handbag lipstick at the moment. BonnieXOo is a brand that reached out to me on instagram and asked me to pick a scent and colour for them to make, yes make, a lipstick. I picked vanilla and the shade Rosewood because I love a good deep brown nude. It smells just like a vanilla cupcake and the shade is great to use a touch up throughout the day. 

everyday lipsticks for brown girls

As you can see, picking just 5 was very hard but they're just too pretty to choose from! On another note, I am so bad at taking swatches!! 

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