Smart Yet Casual

One thing I can't be without on my wrist is a watch, everyday, no matter what occasion I just have to have one. I feel almost 'naked' without one! My wardrobe at the moment has been very smart but still quite casual, I hate dressing up too much so go with clothes that are comfortable yet smart looking. This outfit ahs been one of my favourites for a while now and the addition of the watch makes it all the more better! 



This super easy to wear outfit consists of a classic polka dot top , which I really need to order in other colours. As it goes with most things and looks so pretty on at this time of year. I've then paired it with a pair of grey trousers, I have been living in these for the past few months whilst being on placment - jeans are unknown to me now. They are so soft, comfortable and have a bow tie at the top which just looks so cute. I love that they are tapered and let me tell you, to find trousers for a tall person is very hard! I either wear these with some black flats of these cute heeled shoes, I got these for a wedding reception like 6 years ago and they are still going strong. The weather isn't quite right for these but I still wear them.
mk watch review

Then the star of the show, this gorgeous Michael Kors watch*, I don't think I have ever been in love with a watch so much and when I shared it on social media a couple of weeks back there was a lot of love for it and I can see why. Its a white leather strap with a white dial with rose gold around it. The watch head is also quite small compared to the watches I own and I love it, it sits so much better on my wrist and feels lighter. Inside the dial features rose gold markers, a timer and the date to keep you up to date and on track. The quality of this watch is incredible, I mean do you expect anything less? It feels luxury, looks high quality and goes with everything. It has also been catching the eye of a lot people and rightly so, it is beautiful.



I took advantage of the snow the other day to take a pretty picture too, I just couldn't resist! Do you have a watch that you love or an accessory?
*huge thank you to Plus Watches for this amazing opportunity, still pinching myself

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