Nip & Fab Haul & First Impressions

Nip and Fab seem to be the brand that everyone is talking about at the moment, they have a highly raved about skincare line and to add to that a makeup line that is focuses on quality. After seeing so many people talk about their products, it was time I tried them and here's what I picked up. 
As a general note, the packaging for their makeup line is very simple yet so pleasing to the eye. I love anything monochrome and creating a line with fuss free packaging is just the way to my heart, its simple, sleek and looks good in the colletion too. Their skincare products similarly have sleek packaging, each different range has a colour scheme which makes it easier to know which products contain the same star ingredient. 
nip and fab haul

nip and fab glycolic fix

The two skincare items are from the Glycolic Fix range, this is their best selling range and I have very high hopes. Both products aim to give the skin radiance and exfoliate to leave a smoother complexion. I've only been using these for around a week so can't give you my whole opinion but so far so good. I've been using the cleansing pads (£12.95) every morning before applying makeup and the scrub every other night. Together both of these have made my skin look brighter and pores next to invisible, it has to be done to these glycolic heroes as nothing else in my routine has changed. Very exctied to see what contiuned use will mean. 

The first makeup product that went straight into the basket was a liquid lipstick, this is in the shade Biscuit (£7.95). It was a tough challenge choosing which one to order, there are ten shades in total and each one is on the nude spectrum. As the range is new, there aren't really any swatches floating around apart from what is on instagram but I went with my gut and ordered this shade. This shade is really pretty when you swatch it but on the lips it is completely different, it is a true brown shade and doesn't compliment my skin tone very well. Applying a darker/pink lip liner underneath helps slightly but I think I need to go to a stand and see all the shades. Formula wise it is very matte, long lasting and dries instantly! 
Nip and Fab Blusher Palette

The next two purchases were real no brainers, I love a good palette and one that has multiple shades for different moods are my favourite. The Blushed palette (£8.95) is an absoutle bargain, containing four completely different shades it is one palette perfect for the summer. All four of these shades are very pigmented, so you only need a small swipe on the cheeks and they are all matte! I love a good matte blush because it is so much easier to wear with all the other things you apply to the cheeks. My favourite way to wear these are actually mixing them in a diagonal pattern, combined they create some gorgeous looks. 
Nip and Fab Stroboscopic

Now the last product is the one that I am the most excited about, a highligher palette (not that I need another one). Let me introudce you to the Stroboscopic palette (£15), that includes six gorgeous golden, sunkissed shades that I am head over heels in love with. Each shade is buttery, pigmented and not glittery. I've used all the shades at least once to see what they are like and each one is beautiful on my skin tone, can't pick a favourite just yet but I have a feeling it's going to be the middle, bottom row. These shades also look like they would make a gorgeous brown eye look, can't wait to try them as eyeshadows! 

Overall, I am beyond impressed with Nip & Fab, makeup and skincare alike. Can't wait to carry on using them and see what happens, also need to pop into a store with a makeup stand to swatch the eyeshadow palettes, other lipsticks, foundations and concealers - basically the whole range! 

Have you ever tried anything from Nip and Fab?! 

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