A Year in Review

2016 for me was the year of discovering beauty to its potential, starting to experiment with trends and try new things. Monthly favourites aren't something that appear regular on here because I either forget to round things together or use the same things over and over again. Publishing this post has been a bit of an um and an ah but today we are talking all about my top 16 of 2016. I've tried to include makeup, skincare and random favourites. 


2016 favourites

One product that I have fallen in love with, this year is the Revlon Colorstay Foundation. Its a medium coverage foundation, that isn't on the thick side. I can wear this whether my skin is dry, oily or spot crazy (like it is know, damn you chocolate oranges). The shade range in this product is very minimal, very few stores stock the darker shades which is a shame but the second to darkest one just about suits my skin tone - a big plus! 

Champagne Pop has only been in my life for half of 2016, but what a good half it has been! This is my go to, no matter what the occasion. A light sweeping to give my skin some light or a heavy dose to look illuminated. It lasts all day and seems to suit my skin tone so well. Its £32 which is on the pricey side but I took a bargain by buying it and its worth every penny. This year other Becca highlighters are on my list to buy as well as the primer which so many people rave about.  

As a makeup hoarder, I own many eyeshadow palettes. Some which I never use because I forget they exist! For example the UD Gwen Stefani one, completely forgot about it being in my stash but its making an appearance again. This past year, I've completely fallen in love with Makeup Geek shadows, in fact I think everyone has. The pigmentation of them is incredible to say they are so purse friendly, the choice of shades is also outstanding. I'm hoping to purchase the medium Z-Palette soon and fill it with even more shadows because the option to customise your own palette excites me.

The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara has overtaken my love of Roller Lash, there's just something about the brush and formula that is perfect. It curls my lashes to lengths that I didn't know existed and even under my glasses you can tell that I have eyelashes!! Any glasses wearer out there will understand the struggle of not being able to see your lashes, but this mascara does something magical. 

If there's one thing I've learnt this year, its that lip liners are the bomb. They not only help hid the hideous lips that I have but also give your lipstick a base and lasting power. Primark's Lip Liners are only a £1 and my absolute favourite to use everyday, any day. The formula of them is so creamy and glides on like butter to the lips, it then lasts through everything and the colours are very versatile to suit all. 

I've been pairing up the lip liners with non-other than MAC lipsticks, who can pick one favourite? I love so many different shades and alternate each one every day nearly. The go to has to be Whirl, it looks so gorgeous on and is the perfect brown lips shade that came into trend this year. I love matte lipsticks, which leads me on to the third lip favourite - NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes. Managed to get these from the reduced section in Boots and they are amazing. Every shade I've tried, all nude of course, sit on the lips well, are highly pigmented and smell like cake. 


Serums from The Ordinary, only came into my life a few months back so I am not entirely sure if I can include them but...they're bloody brilliant! I use the Hyaluronic in the morning to calm my skin and solve the dryness, and under makeup which helps it last longer I swear. The Niaciminde serum in the evening to help blocked pores and redness. Its a skincare product that only needs a little bit to go a far way.

This is an ode to Cetaphil, if you have dry, acne prone of blemished skin then I urge you to try the Cetaphil cleanser. Its gentle on the skin, removes makeup and keeps your skin moisturised to the max. I've been using this nearly all year and my skin wouldn't be the same without it! It doesn't smell like the best thing in the world, but if it does the job, I'm not complaining. I have the smaller version and it lasts forever, because one pump cleans the entire face. 

A skin tool I haven't spoken about on here is the Derma Roller as its a tool that I am still trying to grasp the hand of. I bought mine from Amazon for not very much and use it every night to massage my skin and get the blood flowing. Its helped immensely with scars and pores, at first it kills because there's tiny needles in a small roller but the results after just using it for a week non-stop is jaw dropping. I've really seen a difference in the marks on my cheeks and hope to continue to use it and see even better results. 

Finding your perfect scent is a hard task, but my evening scent is worth a mention in the top 16 because its to die for. Si by Giorgio Armani is heaven in a bottle. Its completely different to any perfume I own, very musky and mysterious. There's hints of blackcurrant and vanilla mixed in but its a scent that lingers and strengthens as the day goes on. Wearing it in the evening is much more ideal due to it being strong and woody. 

Not sure if you can class this as a favourite but this year I have been loving curling my hair. As I've gone shorter and shorter, loose waves/curls have suited my hair more than keeping it straight. Always had this idea of it being a faff but in fact it takes me no longer than 15 minutes and a large barrel to do the entire head of hair. I still need to master the art of curling the front pieces as they always end up getting pinned back. 

How could I not mention the b&m candles in my favourites post?! They've taken the blogging world by storm in the UK for being close dupes for Bath and Body Works Candles (which apparently is coming to the UK this year, or so I've heard) and might as well be. The scents I have tried are amazing, burn for a long time and I can't wait to see what they bring out next! 

This year I have also grow to love avocado, how cliche I know. But in all seriousness, I eat the fruit with anything and everything. My favourite way to eat it, is in a salad with cucumber, tomato, olives and feta - this combination is to die for and making me very hungry..

We can't have a favourites post without mentioning TV now can we, for me there are two standouts amongst the crowd. First up is Quantico, which stars the ever so beautiful Priyanka Chopra, she is my ultimate girl crush and season two is better than ever. My dad and I binge watched 8 episodes the other week and we are obsessed. The second nod and final favourite of the year goes to The Walking Dead, I started watching this very late and can't believe it has taken me so long. Again, I binged the first 6 seasons just in time for the new one that has just come back on air. Its an amazing show and for someone who hates blood and zombies this isn't scary at all. You get invested in the characters and story lines.

There we have it, my top 16 of 2016. Can't believe we are in a new year again and before we know it starting 2018 - eeek! Here's to a successful, happy and enjoyable year. What have your 2016 favourites been?! 

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