Making the Most of a Small Space

Living away from home to study at university is really difficult, you try your best at making it all homely and friendly but can't quite adjust - something doesn't feel right. At the moment I'm sharing a house with four girls, the house we have is tiny. You walk into a small hallway with the freezer place in the corner and then the lounge and kitchen with a breakfast bar is all squashed into one room. We have a small bathroom to share and then our bedrooms - they are a decent enough size but sometimes you wish there was a little bit more wiggle room.
living with small space

These are all the problems with living in a rented home, you can't do much because it isn't yours and what you can do isn't enough!  Bed Guru have just launched a new collection called 'The Landmark Collection' that includes a range of selfassembly beds and headboards. The sleep specialists have made their products simple to put together, take down and build somewhere else. Perfect for those always moving around or need something to fit in a small space. Which is why today, I'm showing you around the small space I call my bedroom and tips on working with small spaces #SmallSpaceSleeping. 

Bed Guru

1. Find more floor space

When I first got the keys to my room, it scared me - so small and not enough room for everything! But it was because everything was everywhere and you couldn't see the floor, shuffling things round to the point where you have more floor showing is the best thing you can do. It creates room to move around and adds more depth to the room. I now have everything storage wise on one side of my room, with my bed at the back - it all slots into place. 
renting out

2. Declutter and Organise

Having a small space doesn't mean you can't have everything you want it, it just means you have to organise everything and not have too much clutter. Sort through everything and only keep the things you really need. In the chest of draws I have these storage boxes from B&M it allows me to keep more items in one draw without it taking up to much space. As you can see its a very organised mess! In my cupboard, there's a shelve at the top to seperate from the hanging rail to make it easier to fit moe things in. 

organise room

3. Simple Decor

The downside to living in a rented space apart from the fact that its small, is that you can't add much of your own style. There's rules about sticking, hanging and sometimes even moving around. Find items to decorate your room with that are simple and fuss free. I have these very simple quote frames, handing above my draws and it just adds a little something extra to the room. If you can't already tell I love quotes and think that they make all the difference to your space. 

hanging quotes

4. Make it Personal

The house might not be yours but you should make it be yours as much as you can. Adding small personal touches, such as your favourite candles, flowers and accsorries makes all the diference. I keep switching up what my bedside table looks like to keep it fresh and to my liking, it makes me love my room even more and want to stay in it more. Fairy lights also make any small room a lot prettier and adding a lamp to corners where light doesn't hit will make it seem bigger. 

bedside marble

Adjusting to a house that isn't what you call home or has your name written on it is hard but doing simple things can really make all the difference and worth living in. I'm only in this house for another 7 months and then its onto another one, so who knows what that will look like! 

in collaboration with Bed Guru

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