Makeup of the Moment #6

Its safe to say that the autumn look is well and truly back, I'm talking gold eyes, berry lips and everything sparkly too. I've switched most things around in my go to makeup look to keep up with the trends and the seasons. Its targeting my more drier skin, lips and tired eyes! Can we also beleive that its nearly the end of November - where is this year going? 

autumn makeup look

blank canvas cosmetics F33 EXTREME CONTOUR BRUSHRecently, I have been skipping the primer because my the amount of skincare products that I have been using in the morning and going straight onto foundation. The current one I have on rotation is the Milani 2 in 1 , its a great coverage bit on the thick side and lasts all day. It doesn't seem to cling to my dry patches at the moment and is lovely as it gives me enough to cover everything bad on my skin. I've been using the Blank Canvas Cosmetics F08 Buffing Brush* to blend it all in. The dome shape makes it easy to buff the foundation in around the nose, along the hair line and the most important the jaw line. The hot pink of the new launch is just beautiful and very eye catching. 
To set this I'm still obsessed with the MUR Banana Powder, its a lovely powder that prevents shine, cancels out the yellow in my skin and is amazing for £5. 

It might be autumn, but I still love having a bit of colour in my skin - the Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer is a gorgeous golden bronze and makes my skin look all glowy. The F31 Contour brush, is great at sculpting your cheekbones with a contour and great at adding just enough bronzer without it looking too much. I've been loving it to apply and then blend out. To add to the glow, which I love no matter the season is the NARS Liquid Illuminator in Orgasm , its a great product to wear under foundation and over as a slight blush/highlight glow.

Its also this time of year when I love wearing eyeshadow, no matter the colour - something on my eyelids is a must. The MUR palette is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on, it has every shade in there from gold to blue and a chance to create a range of different eye looks. My go to shades have been the ones in the bottom left, brown, gold and shimmery! To finish the look, I've been wearing a matte, berry lip. This one from Maybelline is called Divine Wine and is the exact colour it says. A wine colour, not too red or berry just in the middle. 

What's been your go to makeup look?! xoxo


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