BriAA Natural Skincare Review

Skincare was never something that I took seriously and put it to the back of my priorities. However, over the years I have learnt that for your makeup to look good and for you to feel confident within your own skin - the products that you use as part of a routine and vital. These past few months, the products that I have been applying to my face have been ones that I know the ingriedents of and if they don't work - I stop using them. There's been lots of skincare posts these past few weeks and its because I'm enjoying skincare. Today I'm talking about BriAA - a brand that centers themselves around natural skincare. 

BriAA Skincare

BriAA Skincare

Cleansing Gel $30

I had to ween myself off using makeup wipes and the change has been well worth it, cleansers are just different, amazing and make your skin feel clean. The BriAA cleansing gel has been my go to for a first cleanse, its a gel based forumla that melts into the skin and then lathers away. Its a very thick consistency so you need the tiniest amount of product to use for your whole face. Unlike other products that I have tried, this gel has no smell to it - like at all. I really tried to find one but it doesn't smell sweet or spicy?!It could just be my blocked nose, when the ingreidents clearly state that it contains chamomille?! 

Polishing Mask $50

Of the two BriAA products that I've tried, the mask is by far my favourite and has been something that I have been applying twice a week. Its very pricey for a mask but the end results make it worth every penny. It cleanses your skin from within and also restores your skin from the cleansing. This mask isn't very thick or heavy at all, its more like a scrub that you apply to your skin for 5-10 minutes and then rub it in to cleasne away. Very quick to use in the morning, in the shower or even the evening. The mask smells very citrusy and this isn't an overpowering smell either. 

BriAA Skincare

BriAA Skincare

I've been loving both these products and they have become a part of my weekly/daily skin care routine. 

What brand of skincare do you love? 


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