University Preparation

As this month draws to a close, the next month is back to school month! I finished with university for the year back in May and this time next month, I'll be back for my second year. Can' believe how fast time is flying, this second year comes with so much more responsibility, work and stress! 

I am so ready for it and can't wait to get stuck in, this post is a little hack post. Whether you are starting your first, second or even looking at starting in the near future - I do hope this helps you out! 

2nd Year Preperation

> Going to university and studying for your degree is a big step up from school and college. There's no one to tell you when something needs to be done by, no rules, nothing. You are in charge of what you do. Be prepared mentally for the work load, the pressure and of course the course. Make sure its what you want to do. 

> Money is very tight when you are a student, living in halls is slightly easier as you don't have to pay out for bills. Just rent and food that needs paying for. Learn to budget, keep a certain amount for this, that and the other. Don't be buying things that you don't need of course you can treat yourself (i did this very often!).

> This year I am living in a house with 4 other girls, its expensive. Rent, bills, food and maintaining the house. When it came to looking for the house, we kept a budget in mind. Didn't want to be spending too much each week, and make sure that we were all on the same page and agree with certain things. My best advice, is to go through a estate agency that specialise in students and know that its not easy. Walton Robinson do exactly this and understand that students aren't millionaires. Have a look at their top tips to help choose accommodation! 

> When it comes to moving out and into your new room, keep it simple and easy. Clutter is not a good look. Take the things in your room that make it feel like home and will make it look cute. I found it really difficult to live between two places, so keeping it easy to switch between the two was my main aim. 

>Like mentioned before, money is tight as your student loan or other income can't always cover everything. Shop around and look for discounts, things like the NUS card, UniDays and other sites help out a lot and give you an excuse to shop, whilst saving money!

*Collaboration with Walton Robinson

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