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 Don't know about you but I would rather be on holiday. Whether it be somewhere with a beach, plenty to do - as long as its away! In a recent YouGov survey, it was reported that only 31% of people get excited about going on holiday. 1 in 3 woman worry about their weight everyday that they're on holiday. 

I for think that you shouldn't be worrying about your weight on holiday, its a time to enjoy yourself and be free! Getting excited for the holiday is just as fun, its actually the best part. No matter how stressful, it really is all part of the process! 


Last year I was very lucky to go on two breaks away, one to Germany with my best friend Aimee. We decided to go away after our A-Levels and it was the best decision we made, the memories are with us forever and the planning was the best thing to get us excited about it. A few weeks after that, as a family we jetted off to the gorgeous island of Mauritius, which was just glorious and it was out first family holiday abroad in years. Even for that excitement levels were very high.

Getting prepared for your trip away no matter how glamorous or far away, is the best way to get excited and get you ready for it. My favourite thing to do is go shopping, seems obvious but it does so much to your mood. Make a list of everything you need, be geeky and find one on the internet, and take it with you on the shopping day. Ticking things off a list is the best feeling in the world, you're getting further already. Buying clothes for a holiday is a must, I love buying new sandals and dresses because that is what summer is all about. Spend a day out getting everything you need and don't forget about those cute little toiletries too! The cutest things in the world and more brands are doing them now, so your favourite brand will no doubt have them. 

If you having shopping to do, why not just make a whole day of focusing on everything holiday themed. So, shop, pack and check. By check I mean the important things, ask questions. Have you got your passport? In date? Flight tickets? Accommodation? All the little things that are vital. Most importantly, your health. Remember to read up if you need to take any medication before going and if you have any medicine to buy beforehand. Click Pharmacy are an online pharmacy which allows you to order anything medical, straight to your door. 
holiday hype

I get so excited about going away that I sometimes fall ill before we go! Last year it was just a cold, but all the planning and preparing I do tires me out. But, its all worth it because the night before I sleep like a baby and get refreshed ready for a day of travelling. If you don't get excited for your holiday, then whats the point of going? If you are constantly watching what you eat and drink then how can you enjoy yourself? Next time, plan, prepare and enjoy because its a holiday. Shouldn't need to be a stressful time! 

Be sure to share ways you get prepared for your holidays in the comments below or even tweet using the #HolidayHype tag! 

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