Winding Down

This week has been a busy one. I went back to work after a year at university and it was a lot. But I've managed to get through it and next week is a really exciting one! As its Sunday, I thought it was time for me to relax and get ready for another week.
What better way to do that then give my skin some love! Putting on a face mask, relaxing for 20 so minutes and not having a care in the world is my favourite thing to do. Finding face masks for my combination skin is a mammoth task, some work and others don't. But, I think I have finally found my two favourite ones.

Eco Natural Products Review

Both these masks are from Eco Natural Products, who stock all the natural and kind to skin brands on their site. If you have really sensitive skin like I do, then organic and natural is the way to go with skincare. Argiletz are specialists in a range of clay masks all designed for different skin types. This green clay one is perfect for all skin types but in particular oily skin. It helps to re balances the skin, absorbs excess sebum and cleanses the skin to restore a new tone in the face. 

I loved applying this all over the place and in areas that specifically need it too aka the chin area. It comes out the tube very watery but once on the skin begins to harden within minutes and my skin began to get tighter. There was no tingling sensation just that 'I can't move my face' feeling. After keeping it on my skin for 20 minutes, I was left with no green tint (thankfully), and a slightly less red complexion. I found the mask slightly drying around the nose area but nothing a little moisturiser couldn't fix.

This is now in my weekly skincare basket and I shall be applying this as regularly as possible but only sticking to the areas that needs it.

eco natural poducts

Dizao Organic Honey Mask* £1.90 per pack (available here)

This mask on the other hand is what I need to buy more of. The Dizao mask is a 2 in 1 step, you start off with step 1, a honey sheet mask that makes you like the scariest person in the world - but all in the name of beauty! Honey has so many benefits for the skin, from giving your skin a nice glow to making it smoother and more nourished. When I applied this mask it was the most bizarre experience ever, it felt really slimey but after removing it and washing my skin was so soft. It was as though the mask had removed a layer of dry skin - fabulous!

Step 2 is applying the face cream that also comes in the pack, it is also full of honey and helps to prolong the benefits of the mask. All in all, amazing. My skin felt great and the honey has helped with any breakouts that were on my chin. 

eco natural poducts

Face masks are a great thing to end your week with or start a new week with because you skin is getting a small yet inexpensive pamper. Both of these do completely different things for the skin and it just shows that you can buy natural products that benefit the skin and don't break the bank!

What are your favourite face masks? 


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