Lavazza Coffee Review

Lavazza Coffee Review

There are several ways to my heart, lipstick, shoes and the slightly cheaper alternative coffee! There is something refreshing about having a cup of coffee in the morning or even during the day to keep me going. The smell of coffee is like no other, you can't beat a cup of good old smelling coffee to wake you up first thing. I was recently sent some Lavazza Coffee to taste and review, let me tell you - this stuff is heavenly. 
My usual cup in the morning is 2 teaspoons of coffee, 1/2 cup of water, 1 sugar and a tiny bit of almond milk. To me, that makes the perfect cup. I drink any form of instant coffee, the brand doesn't really affect my views as long as it is nice and packed full of flavour - its perfect! Lavazza is a brand that I have always associated with luxury and the new Prontissimo range is their first try at instant coffee instead of capsules or filter. 
Lavazza Prontissimo! is a premium instant coffee with an authentic Italian taste.
Made using 100% Columbian Arabica beans, it contains micro-granules that yield a
full-bodied and rich cup of coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Lavazza prontissimo Intenso

There are currently two blends in the Lavazza Prontissimo range, the first Intenso is a dark roast blend that contains 10% micro ground coffee. Within it there is a slight hint of caramel. The second is Medio, a medium roast blend that contains 20% micro ground coffee which is much more sweeter and has a low acidity. 

I love both of these and depending on how much of a caffeine boost I need in the morning, I have been switching between both. They are both delicious and full of a sweet flavour, which is something different for me. I have however got a favourite, I love the Intenso just that little bit more. Why? Well, the hint of caramel of course. This makes it sweeter and stops me from putting in sugar, something I want to remove from my diet. 

Lavassa prontissimo Medio

As you can tell this the Lavazza Prontissimo Coffee is something else and perfect for your morning/afternoon/evening drink. I've spotted the coffee in Sainsbury's & Waitrose for when I run out. Retailing at just under £4. 


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