Spring Wardrobe Essentials For The Savvy Shopper

It’s cold at the moment. But naturally as we leave February behind and enter into the months of spring, I am thinking about my wardrobe. I want to update some of my everyday looks for the nicer weather ahead. But I don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it.

I love to look and feel good but spring can have a lot of unpredictable weather. One minute it could be raining and then the next sunny and beautiful. It’s essential to have a wardrobe that can go from one extreme to the other. But I also need to buy key pieces that can be worn with each other and in different ways. Here are my essentials to cover all the weather aspects of spring.


We live in the UK, and rain is just part and parcel of our weather scene. Spring means April showers. With me dotting around between work placements and university, I need something that will protect me from a sudden rain shower. A rain mac is going to be an essential I will be investing in and I will be using this code to buy one.


A rain mac or coat can be light and airy. But will provide you with that much-needed waterproof element. They can also jazz up any outfit while being a real practical investment.

I will also be accessorising with a funky umbrella. Just incase.

Rain Essentials:
  • Rain Mac or coat
  • Wellington boots
  • Umbrella


Yes, spring will bring some sunshine all being well. So it’s time to think about some new shades and brightly coloured tops. I have this thing for stripes, as you know, So I will include that style in my look. Long and short sleeved tops will be essential to avoid being too cold or too warm. It’s worth investing in one of each and then you can style up or down depending on how warm it is.


When it comes to sunglasses, I think they should be a real statement at this time of year. They don’t need to be bright, or anything too dramatic, but my advice is to try as many pairs as you can. The shades that fit the best will look fantastic.

Sunshine essentials:
  • Statement shades
  • Brightly coloured tops
  • Something stripey


Cold Spells

It’s inevitable that we won’t always have warm weeks. But spring is known for those bright sunny, but cold and fresh days. A gilet can provide any extra warmth and can look great with a long or short sleeved top. Team your gilet with a pair of skinny jeans, boots or converse and you are ready to go.

It’s also worth remembering that a good cardigan or jumper will still be needed up till summer. I think a lighter knitted cardigan, that can be worn under your rain mac would be an excellent addition to a spring wardrobe.

As mentioned earlier, jeans and tights will still be needed for the spring.

Cold spell essentials:
  • Jeans and tights
  • Gilet
  • Light knitted cardigan or jumper

So there you have it, my spring wardrobe essentials for the mixture of weather we are about to have over the next few months. If a rain mac, gilet, skinny jeans and boots won’t help you through spring, I don’t know what will. Let’s not forget those statement shades either. Just investing in a few key pieces can help save you money overall. What will you be adding to your spring wardrobe?

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