Sometimes It Gets Too Much


Greetings All. Bit of a different post today but one that I just need to write. For the first time since I started blogging, i haven't got a post ready to go up on a Saturday. In fact at all for the next few weeks. I am usually so organised and have posts drafted up, photos taken and ready to write so that I am prepared for anything. But to tell you the truth I'm not.

I am currently starting a week of half term and it feels good to finally have some time to myself. Since the middle of December I have been on work placement in a school as part of my degree. I have been going in everyday and staying till late. So, by the time I come home its time to eat and then sleep. This is like no other work placement, I've actually had to teach. It has consisted of me planning lessons and delivering them to a class of 30 pupils. It's the scariest thing  I have ever done in my life, standing at the front and teaching them something knowing that they have to learn what I am saying.

I have thoroughly loved it and its told me that I am doing the right thing and been a teacher is my calling. Its hard but so is any job. The early mornings, stressful days and late nights have worm me out but the smile I have on my face everyday is worth it all. The little munchkins have made it all worthwhile and when I finish in two weeks I am going to cry my eyes out because we have made such a bond.
 On top of this I have been balancing a university assignments, because they seem to think we can write 3000 word essays at the same time and blogging. It has been very hard work, I managed at first but as I am coming to the end of the block I am struggling to keep everything together. This week I have to write essays, plan lessons and do some well needed blogging. I have a box of things that needs reviewing but there is just never any time anymore. Tomorrow I am dedicating my time to photo taking (please me sunny), writing up posts and planning things to take me through.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has followed me and read my blog these past few months. My comments have boomed since the start of this year and it makes me feel really proud of my little blog. I have come so far. My Instagram is slowly growing as well but I am forgetting to post everyday and the instagram addict inside of me is crying! Rest assured, in a few weeks I will be hopefully be able to sleep better and get back into a routine. I have time off for reading and writing assignments and then two weeks back at uni and then its Easter so hopefully more time for me.

Sorry for the rambly post, I am now off to get ready for Afternoon Tea (fancy!) and then see where the rest of the week takes me. Tuesday I am having a me day and may get my nails done.

Thank you as always x

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