Wow In Your Bikini With These Tips

Right now it’s freezing outside, but soon enough summer and all that comes with it - sun, sea and holidays, will be here. January is a bleak month; it’s the time of year when all we crave is a little sun. While we might not be able to coax the sun out just yet, what we can do is warm our souls by starting to plan for our next vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to, and trust me, time will pass much more quickly.

Of course, if you plan on going away soon, the chances are your mind will be on one thing, and that’s your bikini body. Us girls get so caught up in our flaws and body worries that we forget that every body shape is different and should be embraced. As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, there’s no reason not to love yourself.

It can be hard baring all on the beach in a bikini, but there are a few simple things that you can do to make it easier. Believe it or not, if you take note of these tips, you can wow in your bikini, regardless of what size you are. (After all, size is just a number, so don’t let it get you down.)

Choose a flattering bikini


We can all look good in swimwear; it’s just a case of choosing a bikini that’s flattering for your body shape. Think about your body and what areas you like and which your dislike, and use this to work out which areas to draw attention away from. For instance, if you have a large bust, opt for a plain bikini top but embellished bottoms. This draws attention towards your bottom half, instead of your top half. Or, if, for example, you carry most of your weight around your middle and want to conceal it, a high-waisted bikini could be perfect for you. If you’re not sure what style of bikini will work best for you, try out a few and see which you look best in.

Top your look off with a hat


Even if you don’t usually wear hats, on the beach, a straw hat is the perfect accessory. It gives you a chic, sophisticated look, and keeps the sun off your head, face and shoulders. Plus, it keeps your hair in place - what’s not to love? If your hair doesn’t do well with salt water - it can cause some hair types to frizz or tangle, wear it in a french braid or fishtail under your hat.

Add a cover-up

beach dress.jpg

If you don’t feel comfortable walking around in just a bikini, why not treat yourself to a pretty cover-up? Kimonos are ideal for this, as they’re bright, beautiful and lovely and loose. Top your bikini with a kimono or loose cardigan and trust me, you’ll feel 100 times more confident. Plus, adding a little extra pattern to your beachwear will give your look a massive style boost.

Don’t forget your jewellery

belly bar.jpg

Just like at any other time, when you’re at the beach, the right accessories are crucial. Many of us leave off wearing jewellery when we’re at the beach, but we shouldn’t do. To take your beach look to the next level, pop a few pieces of jewellery on. Anything that’s pretty and sparkly can work well at the beach, from earrings to bracelets. Stack your wrists with chic rope bracelets and your ankles with beautiful anklets. A long necklace popped on over your bikini can give your look an elegant and relaxed vibe. As can swapping your regular belly bar for a glittery, beaded one from an online body jewellery shop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your beach jewellery, get creative and find a look that you love.

Get a fake tan

fake tan.jpg

For an extra confidence boost, before you hit the beach get a fake tan. A well applied fake tan brings your body in, giving the illusion that you’re slimmer and more toned. Grab a bottle of spray tan or head to your local tanning salon to get your skin bronzed. Trust me, with a beautiful golden glow, you’ll look and feel much more confident.

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about wowing in your bikini. All you need to do now is pick the perfect vacation spot - happy holiday hunting!

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