Winter Warmers with Dunedin Cashmere

I was hit with snow at the weekend and now icy, cold weather. It made me realise that my winter essentials are not up to scratch. I have nothing but a coat and boots - nowhere near enough to keep me warm during the day. Today's post is a wishlist style post in collaboration with Dunedin Cashmere, who are a traditional cashmere shop that provide you with all the essentials you need to keep warm and cosy. 


Dunedin Cashmere

I love a good jumper, it always makes my life easier if I have a lot of them that can just be thrown on and worn with anything. These are just a few of my favourite ones because they are so versatile. They will go everything that I have in my wardrobe from trousers to jeans. Jumpers are also very formal I think when paired with trousers, so great for work. I love the grey cable roll neck, it looks lovely and warm and grey is my go to colour at the moment.


Dunedin Cashmere

Another thing that my wardrobe is lacking is gloves. I buy a new pair every year I swear, and they always disappear. Dunedin Cashmere have the most gorgeous gloves (can they be gorgeous?!) they look like ones I won't loose and ones that I will want to wear all the time. The ones I have my eye on are for sure the Harris Tweed Leather ones, they look so elegant and posh - would make me feel like a million pounds. 

I feel after this wishlist post, I best get ordering some things because I don't think I can suffer any longer! 

post in collaboration with DunedinCashmere

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