Hand Luggage Essentials

Your hand luggage always depends on where you are going and for how long, no matter how many people you ask or how many posts you read about what to pack, you will still end up taking the 'non-essentials' and the essentials. This time around for a city break I have been very strict, only packing things what I need and nothing that I am unsure about. Here are those things, split into three categories: 

> Staying Hygienic 
A must when travelling my plane, train or even car is hand gel this will be your life saver when you have to use the loo or clean your hands after touching something. It comes in various scents but I opted with a plain one and under 100ml. The second thing is wipes these are great for freshening up on the go and to clean any mess, I went with Strawberry Laces scent as the soap version of this smells divine.  

> Looking Fresh
After a long journey, the last thing you want to be worrying about is doing your entire face again and looking really glamorous. Because let's be honest, who can honestly be bothered. I am not someone who takes a entire kit full of skincare and makeup on the plane because there isn't any point. Instead I stick to a few essentials, a blemish stick* that is perfect to kill spots on the go, a pocket mirror to keep everything in check, a lip moisturiser to fight dry lips, some form of oil blotting to control your makeup and finally some relaxing treatment to keep you calm - this time I am opting with eye masks.* 

> Keeping Sane 
Rules and Regulations mean that you can't take certain things with you on flights, with other transports there isn't a problem so fill your bag with drinks, snacks and lots of sweets. But when flying you must always remember the rules, and to avoid any problems I tend to but things after I get through security. Apart from sweets which are must for me when on a plane, plasters in case of an emergency and some medicine for when you don't feel your best. 

Three simple categories make packing your hand luggage a lot easier, what are you essentials? 


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