Worth the Hype - Benefit Licence to Blot

Benefit had a little sign up thing on facebook for bloggers to review their newest release 'Licence to Blot', of course I filled the form in, but no way did I think I would actually be chosen! So when it came through the post, you can imagine my face was in complete shock but I was also super excited to try it out and see what the fuss is all about. 

I don't own a whole lot of Benefit products but I love the brand for always solving problems, like this the third instalment in their Porefessional range for combating oily skin! Licence to Blot is a oil blotting stick that claims to mattify skin within an instance. To use it all you have to do is twist and slide the eraser over the oily/shiny areas of your skin. I love the fact that this is like powder/blotting sheets put into one.

The first time I used this was under makeup but found that it didn't help my makeup at all, if you do want to apply it before then I highly recommended moisturising lots as well as warning you it doesn't cover redness or anything else. 
Then I tested it during the day, when my skin became oily, it doesn't apply as 'nicely' as I thought (like a lipbalm) it was more of a press and glide motion and quite a lot as well. This made my makeup look even worse than it did before and don't forget to clean the stick, but then I set it all with some powder hoping it looked a little bit more decent - and I kind of did. It definitely helped the oiliness for the next hour but then I felt that it melted straight off - is this because of my stubborn skin or am I doing something wrong? 

I wouldn't 100% say that this is a product that you need in your makeup collection, but everything is worth a try right? I will be however, taking it on holiday and seeing how it helps me in warm situations! 

Have you tried the blotting stick? What was your experience like? 


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