Welcoming Spring

Hello Spring 🌸 by far my favourite season after all the rest of course, I love the warm but not hot and sweaty weather, pretty pastels and rose gold everything because it shines in the sunlight. If the weather stays like this in the UK for a lot longer then everyone's happy mood will last longer. Today's face of the day/what's on my face (whatever you want to call it) is inspired by the lovely weather outside and my happier mood, it's not very bright more rose gold and pretty! 


For the base for which I used the +L'Oréal Paris UK & Ireland Infallible Matte , don't let the matte put you off as it leaves a nice sheen on your face that lasts all day. Followed by the +Makeup Revolution Protection Palette which contains three concealers for covering everything.  The lightest is perfect for scarring, middle one for under the eyes and the dark one for spots. The texture of them is like jelly like but soft to blend in and the coverage is amazing, such a shame that you can't buy them on their own. Now that it is warmer I prefer having bronze skin. Not the best person to tell you how to contour or bronze the right way but if you are a beginner like me then try out the blush stick, easy. And the protection palette has a blush, bronzer, highlighter that are all amazing too. Finishing it all off with Rimmel +RimmelLondon Stay Matte Powder. 

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For the eyes I kept it very simple but rose gold with the Pure Cult Palette I used the 1st, 3rd, and 4th shadow on the top row and then the third one on the bottom row to just darken it up a little bit. For the price this palette is truly amazing and the lousy brush isn't that bad either. Still madly in love with +Benefit Cosmetics UK & Ireland  Roller Lash because it just makes my eyes look wide awake and coat my lashes to make them longer. 

This is my current go to and favourite nude lip combo, these three together are a perfect sandwich. First up one of two liners from Primark out of the both of them this nude one is by far the one I love using because it's my lip colour but better! The other one I got was the red one which isn't getting as much use yet as it should do (here). Followed up with Eva's Nude the best one for me from the range as it isn't too pink and has more cool tones it it and then finally finishing it off with +Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Chic that I only got recently because I love it when she wears it and now I love wearing it as well! 

Woah that was a long post, I hope you enjoyed this spring inspired makeup look! I would love to know what products you are loving at the moment and also any brighter lip options...


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