Budget Buys|Make Up Gallery from Poundland

Make Up Gallery from Poundland

I am a BIG Poundland fan, you can find everything and anything in there and for a £1 you can't go wrong? The hauls I post on here get so much love and I am always talking highly of the shop to my friends and family - making sure they go there and pop in for a nosey! My most recent trip there, led me to bringing back some makeup items from their own brand beauty range 'The Makeup Gallery'. Each store as far as I know has a large stand dedicated and you can find everything from foundation to eyeliner to nail polish. I thought I would review a selection of them for you today and soon will go and pick up more! 

Make Up Gallery from Poundland

Make Up Gallery from Poundland

Eye Shadows // These little pots of goodness got my attention first, I don't own many individual pots of eye shadows and think that I need to start buying more because they are super useful for trips and great for mixing with other colours that might be in a palette. 
My first assumptions for all the products were 'Can't go wrong for a £1, they might not be that good?' Well, let me tell you. These aren't your Urban Decay shadows (which I swear by) but they are amazing for the price! Super pigmented, and last for a few hours on your eyes. All of them are 
shimmer shadows. but would love to see them develop some matte shades in the future. 

Make Up Gallery from PoundlandMake Up Gallery from PoundlandMake Up Gallery from Poundland

Lip Shines // At first I thought these were glosses, but they are the opposite. More like a liquid lipstick, thicker than a lip gloss but not as heavy as a lipstick. Dofer applicators are my favourite thing, it makes life easier when applying and the shade range is unbelievable when you look at the stand, mine was pretty empty with lipsticks hence why I went with the glosses. Ballet Pink looked like such a stunning colour, but when I swatched it - to me to it looks more like a Barbie pink then that nude pink I was hoping for? But, Cherry Pie is a pigmented pinky red colour, that is so pigmented I was shocked.

Make Up Gallery from PoundlandMake Up Gallery from Poundland

Make Up Gallery from Poundland

Nails // Of course I had to pick out some nail polishes, the addict inside of me came out in excitement seeing that I could buy polishes for only a £1!!! They have a range of nail care basics, from a top coat and base coat, nail hardener, strengthener, and then what I ended up picking up a Cuticle Oil. Looking after my nails has always been important to me, but I constantly forget to care for them the correct way this cuticle oil has made me want to change. You can see in the picture on the right, that it is very watery and not thick like Sally Hansen products are. The polish is in the colour 'Pink Raspberry' the brush is a wide one which ticks off the first box, but then the formula isn't all that. I found it quite gloopy,even after shaking it and it claims to be 'quick drying' but really isn't quick at all. 

I think that for only a £1 each, these products are well worth trying out and giving a go! I want to try out the face products next time round, so look out for that!

You can only buy the range in Poundland shops, however have a browse online to see what else they have to offer. I have my eye on the eye liners and blushers! Anything you fancy?



Heather Nixon said...

I haven't tried any of their makeup, it sounds pretty good especially for such a low price x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

Class and Glitter said...

Have a browse and see what you like, it's amazing for the price! x