Food| Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!

I am a big lover of green tea, but more recently I have been loving Matcha green tea, something a little different! And the possibilities of what you can do with Matcha green tea is amazing, and I have become obsessed, so I thought I would show you my favourite smoothie recipe! 

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!

Just what is Matcha? 
It's a green tea that is organic and has been ground down to a fine powder. It also has some amazing benefits such as being really good for fat burning, a great pick me up when you want to feel much better and my favourite benefit - its great for relaxing and relieving anxiety and stress. 
How can you use it? 
You can literally add the powder into anything you want, to give it a different taste! From cocktails, waffles, desserts, pizza, dips soup and so much more! I think it is a unique product that can be experimented with for ages and take you on your own food journey! When you order the Organic Green Tea Powder from Amazon*, you shortly receive an email with a recipe guide - what an amazing service!
Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!

Quick and Easy Matcha Green Tea Smoothie
 You Will Need
- Mango
- Banana
- 2 tbsp Matcha Powder
- Tropical Juice
- Chop up all of your fruit and add in to your blend
- Then add a cup of juice, and carry on adding it until you get the consistency you prefer
- Add the powder and give it one last blend
- Enjoy with some ice!

Matcha Green Tea Smoothie!

You can buy Matcha Green Tea HERE.

*post in collaboration with Kiss Me Organics*


Little Fickle said...

I've never even thought to make a smoothie with matcha before, but I am a big fan and I use it to make shortbread quite a lot!

Sammy xo.

Class and Glitter said...

Its delicious!! And ooh that sounds yummy!