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Never in my life have I put a blog post up so quickly - well within a few days of trying of something! I love getting subscription boxes, whether it may be food or beauty. I find the whole idea amazing and exciting because every time you will get something different! My mind was blown when I found out that their is a COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. Yes. You did read that right, for all you coffee lovers and haters out their keep reading this post! 
What on earth are you on about?
PerkULatte is a company that sources the best premium coffee from around the world, and delivers it your front door. They manage to fit lots of coffee into a small parcel so that it fits through the letterbox. They don't give your everyday coffee from the supermarket, this coffee is different and exotic in a way. Each month is a different coffee and within the four weeks of that month you get a midweek deli every of coffee. Genius. I know.

The Price
Compare to other things and the coffee that you are getting the prices aren't that bad at all. The three categories are as follows;
The Experimenter - £8.99
The Adventurer - £9.99
The Extremist - £18.99
Each service is differently prices because you get more for your money, the more expensive one means you get more coffee and the cheapest is the other way around.

The Verdict
I got this parcel on Wednesday of this week and have had this coffee everyday since, whether that be at night, in the morning even cold in a iced form. This coffee is sweet and tasty, unlike anything I have tried before and I truly am in love with the flavours. This coffee I made is called 'Fazenda Pantano Acacia' a rich blend of 'plum, berries, chocolate with hints of blueberry' amazing flavours to wake up to. 
I don't own no fancy brewer for my coffee so I made it in my cup and then used a small sieve to drain it out and it left it super yummy. 

*this post contains pr samples


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