FOTD|Neutral Indian Wedding Guest

Neutral Indian Wedding Guest

Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
Summer is the time for weddings and so many people have them its crazy! No doubt I got to one every year and even though I love them they can go on for hours and my makeup and nails are the most important things to me. I thought I would share with you what is going to be on my face, its very neutral and very me because that is what I like a prefer!
Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
TBS Tea Tree Primer// I have really been loving this primer recently and find that my skin really likes it *touch wood* It feels all tingly on my skin which lets me know that it is working and doing its best. It is very silicone like but I don't mind that! 
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation// I promise, this is the last time I mention this foundation. I love this so much and even though it might seem to light for a wedding when you build it up it gives you a beautiful face of coverage. I mix two shades to get my perfect match and it works treat. 
Maybelline Erase Eye// I need something to cover those bad boys under my eyes and this is the best thing that works on my eyes, it really covers it all up. 
Collection Concealer// Again, I will stop taking about it. But this covers up every little thing you need to cover on your face. 
Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder// Then I set everything with my Rimmel powder and it keeps for a few hours and then I re top it up later. 
Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara - This mascara gives me killer looking lashes that still look natural in the day and then pow wow in th night. A few coats of this is amazing on the eyes to really bring them out. 
Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
Naked 3// I mix up lots of different colours for my eyes and can't remember which colours I used specifically but the beauty of this palette is you can literally throw any colours together and it looks perfect!
Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
TBS Blush in Flushed//  I have also been loving this blush as its very natural on my cheeks and I love using it with a small blush. I paid £8 for such a little pot but every pound was worth it.
MAC Bronzer// Oh holy moly, every time I use this I squeal with excitement. This is the perfect bronzer for me and love it for special occasions. 
Neutral Indian Wedding Guest
I have several lip options, all nude of course but just because I like a variety. I went with the MAC in Hue because it worked well with the whole look.
Clinque Chubby Stick(Glamour Mag Freebie)// This is so sheer and you can't really build up a colour but great again for top up!
Rimmel in Celestial// Perfect top up colour but needs a mirror. 
MAC in Hue// My nude lover. Love this sooo much and the formula of this is amazing. 



Emily Place said...

Yaayyyyy a MAC lipstick!! I have Hue, I wore it for prom and I loveeee it. Great post! x

Class and Glitter said...

Thanks and I know finally!! Now I want more!! xx