Nails Of The Week|| Essie Wraps in 'So Haute' ♥

The first nail post of 2014 is here, and this week it is all about the nail wraps. I usually stay away from them because I don't like the faff and if it gets complicated then I loose interest in doing them. These Essie ones are totally different to any of the wraps I have used in the past on myself and other people, you don't have to heat them and then apply you just have to measure, stick, press and file. Easy as pie!
The first thing you need to do is find out which sticker best fits your nail, to make it easier to find this out I cute around the plastic instead of having to guess. 

ssie Wraps in 'So Haute' ssie Wraps in 'So Haute'

I didn't use them or all or even as many as I thought,as when I filed some off one nail it fit on to another nail and this way I saved on the wraps. And after completing both hands - I just fell in love. Not only was the application really easy but I love the overall finish and design, after realising that the pattern isn't as bright as I thought originally! 
ssie Wraps in 'So Haute'


Melissa Cherry said...

they look quite nice , dont think i could do the nail wrap i would probably make a mess :)
The Inked Blonde

ClassandGlitter said...

They aren't as messy as you think, but time consuming! xx

Heather Nixon said...

They look great! x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

ClassandGlitter said...

Thank you! xx

Anonymous said...

they look amazing.
Great review, thanks
Following you on Bloglovin'

Allie O said...

I *still* haven't tried nail wraps yet! These look fabulous though :-) xo

Love From Misbehave!
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ClassandGlitter said...

You should, they are easy but only for a short time!

Parie xx

ClassandGlitter said...

Thank you, following you as well!

Parie xx