Favourites of 2013 || Beauty,Skincare&Random ♥

Happy New Year! We have made it into 2014 - how crazy! .And now as we all recover together from all that food and crazy shopping, I bring you my 2013 Favourites. This time of the month would normally be my favourites for the month of December - but I thought I would do something different this time and do them for the whole year instead. This year has been a busy one for me especially - and I think a lot of you out there. And I hope that we go into the new year with our heads held high and achieve everything that we want!

 Favourites of 2013 || Beauty,Skincare&Random
First up we have some skincare and hair/perfume favs of the year! These few items I just had to include in this post. On the far left we have a perfume that I have completely fallen in love with and use every single day with out fail. Wonder-struck by Taylor Swift is my signature scent as they say. It smells amazing and I am so shocked that I still haven't used it up!
Then we have the Sexy Hair Weatherproof Spray*, I do not know how I would of survived this windy and rainy weather without this bottle of goodness. It has become a holy grail product and I use it everyday with out a doubt. It really helps my hair from being ruined by the wind or rain and I am so thankful I have it!
This next product is no stranger to anyone out there, this is the Soap and Glory Hand Food which is by far the best hand cream I have ever tried. It doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky or un usable as it sinks into the skin really quickly as well as getting rid of the dry bits.
The Primark facial wipes are a new discover of mine and the past few months that have gone buy, I keep on re-purchasing them because they are so good. For start off they are really cheap to buy and second the two sides of the wipes makes it easier to remove everything off my face at night.
Sat quietly in the corner over there is the Witch Hazel Spot Stick, just like the weatherproof spray this is my holy grail. If I have ever spot a breakout that is coming through,; I use this as often as I can to stop it from developing further and if it does then I just carry on until its all gone.
 Favourites of 2013 || Beauty,Skincare&Random
Now then, let's move onto the makeup bits of this post. First up is a favourite of mine that probably will always be featured on this blog. The Urban Decay NAKED palette, my life feels complete after being given this. I am without a doubt completed when I have this on my eyes, the colours are so pigmented and you can use the shadows day and night. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
Then the white packaging is the MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry which has been my winter colour, I haven't stopped applying this to my lips. I don't know whether its the colour that I love or the fact that it's matte. There is just something about it that I adore!
I had to include the Simple BB Cream in my 2013 Favs, only because it has been one of those items that I actually started out hating and then slowly I fell in love with it and have been using it every single day. The coverage isn't the best with this but it does the job of giving me some colour and a little coverage to last me all day without having to pile on the foundation every single day. 
Since having it I have also been loving the Smooch Eye-shadow Duo in Filthy Rich*, this combo of colours works so well together and looks great on my eyes as I have a very dark skin tone.This paired with a nude lip looks amazing in the night and day and the shadows alone are so bloody pigmented it is crazy!

 Favourites of 2013 || Beauty,Skincare&Random
Now moving onto the random bits and bobs! First up is my music favourites and I have been loving lots of different songs and albums this year and here is a quick run threw. 
- Beyonce by Beyonce 
- Katy Perry - Prism
- Bangerz by Miley Cyrus
- Salute by Little Mix
- Midnight Memories by One Direction
- DEMI by Demi Lovato
- Red by Taylor Swift
And of course, how can I forget about FOOD! 

 Favourites of 2013 || Beauty,Skincare&Random

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