New Year's Eve Nails || Nude Sparkle ♥

Seen as thought its the end of year, and new years eve is tomorrow...I decided to add some sparkle onto my nails! If the rest of me is a mess I do not care - as long as my nails look good I am a very happy girl! Instead of just having my stand accent nail or applying glitter all over. I decided to step out of my usual zone and attempted a glitter gradient..and here are the results.
New Year's Eve Nails || Nude Sparkle
I love the way that it has turned out, I used the Colourworks Glitter on top first to build up the gradient and then used the barrym one. Having small and big glitters in this bottle made it so much easier to use and I didn't use any sponges or anything fancy! Easy as pie! 
New Year's Eve Nails || Nude Sparkle


beautyqueenuk said...

It looks so good with the glitter, huge fan of Barry M and that glitter is fabulous x
Beautyqueenuk xx

Class and Glitter said...

I am as well, affordable and great quality!
Parie x

Unknown said...

Look so pretty, lovely colours

Hayley -


Class and Glitter said...

Thank you! xx