Blogmas Day 21 || DIY Wrapping ♥

We are nearly there my friends, 4 days to go till the big day! I am so excited and one thing that I love to do every year at the time is wrapping presents! Some people hate it, but I love it! When I went Xmas shopping a few weeks ago, I spotted lots of shops selling wrapping paper that looks just like parcel paper but fancy!
DIY Wrapping
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So I bought out the DIY queen that is inside of me and made my own version-ish! And it is super cheap and affordable and looks so different to anything else.
DIY Wrapping
You Will Need;
- Parcel Paper Roll
-  Thick String/Ribbon
- Present to Wrap
- Scissors
DIY Wrapping
The first thing you want to do is cut out your parcel paper so that you have enough to wrap you present lik you would using wrapping paper. 
DIY Wrapping
Once its wrapped you can wrap your string or ribbon around it, I used red as I thought it looked really nice! But Silver,Gold, Black or even White would look really pretty as well. 
DIY Wrapping
When you've done that you want to attach your tag and write a sweet merry message on it and you've done! I think that it looks so pretty and works really together. 
DIY Wrapping
I actually ended up wrapping all my presents up, and it looks so pretty when it comes together and is under the tree!

Hope you enjoyed this very different blogmas post and I will see you all tomorrow! 


MySecretFashionPoison said...

Simple but very cool! I like it, this is a good idea :-D
Have a nice week end!

Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

Class and Glitter said...

thank you x