August Favourites ♥

It is that time again, and to be honest it doesn't feel that long ago since I wrote my July favourites and now my august favourites - this is just crazy. This month has bought me to the end of my long school holiday and September brings me a new school, a new start and a new me! Here is what I have been loving this past month just gone...

August Favourites ♥

This month I have loved these little compressed deodorant bottles that you can now buy, these smaller bottle make carrying spray around in small hang bags much easier. I even managed to squeeze it in to clutch bag. The hot weather is lovely, and I would love to have it more often - however I do prefer to stay cool and not sweaty/sticky all the time. So carrying these little bottles of wisdom around is the best. 

My skin this month has been really good, I seem to have everything (break outs wise) under control and I can mainly thank, this little wonder here. This is the Witch Blemish Stick, you pop the lid off  push it up like a ice lolly and you have this gel like stick that is for blemishes. You just put this on the affected area whenever you can for a constant week or so and you see results instantly - well I did! The smell is funny, however the smell doesn't affect the product and doesn't make your skin irritate either and I have very sensitive skin. 
August Favourites ♥

Summer is the best time to let your skin really breathe, I hate people who slap on layers of heavy duty make up because it is just going to melt away and leave you with nothing/ very minimal stuff on your skin. My go to product that been the Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline, I usually only get this out in winter time..but this year summer has called for it! As it is so light and foamy you can apply one even layer on your skin and it gives you the coverage you mainly need for a sunny day. 

I am no make up expert, but I do like to try and go a little crazy from time to time and this trio eye-shadow set from Collection (2000) in Silver Storm has my begging for more. With these three simple and very pigmented shades you can create that very easy smokey eye without it looking dreadful and as though you have no idea what you're doing. The shades are great on there own and with other more bold/bright colours as well - as long as you blend it all well.

This next little beauty is something I carry around now in my handbag because of the colour and the easy application. This is a  Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in the shade Peony. Which is by far the best nude/pinky toned with a shimmer lip gloss I have ever owned, not only because it lasts on your lips for ages! But, it also has the perfect sized brush for my awkward shaped lips that hate having a brush on them. 

August Favourites ♥

And the last beauty product is a nail polish - as per. This is from the summer issue of BLISS Magazine that I bought whilst being away and it has got me to fall in love with it. The colour is indescribable and looks very pretty on your nails - that you just want to stare at it constantly! This peachy/orangey coral nail polish is that perfect colour for dark/tanned/olive toned skin in the summer because it just contrasts with your skin perfectly. It does take a few coats to get the colour, and doesn't however stay on your nails for very long before it starts to chip. 

The only random favourite I really do every month is my music choice, which I will still be doing..but I thought I would include some more because I like to change it up every once in a while. 
August Favourites ♥

Above you can see a nearly finished packet of the new Extra white chewing gum in a bubblegum flavour. This is such an amazing chewing/bubble gum! It tastes amazing when you first bite into it and it tastes just like juicy fruit or hubba bubba (childhood cravings!) and it also leaves your breathe smelling minty fresh yet it doesn't taste minty. Weird? 
August Favourites ♥

For anyone who doesn't know me... I love my coffee! Whether it is hot, cold or even mixed, I just love buying it from Costa and Starbucks. When we went to Scotland; I popped into good old Starbucks and saw that they had these 'Refreshers' now available. I love trying new drinks and was very interested into what this would taste like! So I went ahead and bought the 'Valencia Orange' refresher and you guys..I cannot explain how yummy it was to drink! It was quite sour but enough to bare with and it just makes you feel very wake and energetic! 

My favourite song, with out a single doubt this month has been 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction. Now, I am not here to argue - I really don't care if people hate them or love them I really like there music and have a slight crush on them all! This song is so catchy and since I heard for the first time I fell in love and haven't stopped listening to it at all!

So that is my favourites for this month, hope you enjoyed :)


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The colors in the eye shadow trio are really nice!

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they are soo pigmented as well!

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