Nails Of the Week; How to Wear; Coloured Jeans ♥

Hello everyone! Today is another nails of the week post! I know that  paint my nails too much but I enjoy it! This week I planted them this gorgeous nude colour from barrym called 'Cappuccino' this colour is so pretty and looks great with everything. I painted two coats for a really nice coverage, but the polish it self is amazing and the colour is lovely!
How to Wear; Coloured Jeans

I couldn't actually stop taking pictures of them! Also these are not my real nails...they are falsies! The same ones I wore a while back, If you would like to know check this post out! I haven't posted a nail update in ages; so look out!! 

Peace and love :) 

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Yanzel said...

That color is gorgeous! It's almost like a satin taupe. I love it!

Zoe // The Caribbean Flower