How to Wear; Coloured Jeans ♥

Coloured Jeans are everywhere these days, and I seem to have fallen in love with them. Whether it's the pastel ones or the bright coloured jeans they are all easy, affordable, and versatile which makes it easier and easier to wear this season's big colour trend.

How to Wear; Coloured Jeans
When it comes to styling, you can NEVER go wrong when pairing coloured jeans with black, white, cream, brown or a nude coloured top. Any pair of bright jeans would look awesome with a white shirt, a black silk shirt , a cream-coloured cardigan sweater or a black blazer. 

Here are a few rules before we get into it; 

# Darker Coloured Jeans are best when you don't want to draw attention to hips/thighs.

# If you are petite, wear a top in a neutral that isn't a lighter or darker.

# Add a print in the neutral shade (even stripes) that works with the colour of jeans.

# Colours of Jeans don't have to be too bright, choose muted colours that suits you best

# Jeans in bright colours need bright neutrals such as black and white.

#Wear shoes in same colour as your coloured jeans can give taller look and elongate your legs.

-Playing it safe
If you don't want to or don't like to experiment a lot with your coloured jeans and want to be on the safer side, then pair them with a black, white or a neutral colour top. Believe it or not, they always go with any colour. These colours never go out of style either!
-Colour blocking it
If you are bold and daring, then, colour block it! Pair your coloured jeans with a contrasting colour top or a colour block top.
-Denim on denim
Yes, classic denim shirts and tops do go with coloured denim jeans. They match with almost all the colours, but bare in mind of the shade of the denim top. Always make sure that the shade of the top should go with the colour of your jeans. Like, lighter shades of denim look great with lighter colour jeans like pink and yellow.

-Prints and patterns
Summer is all about beautiful prints and patterns, be it floral print any other pattern. Pairing such tops with a coloured jeans is simply amazing! But  you have to keep the colour in mind and match the dominating colour of the top with a contrasting coloured jeans.

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