Sephora Haul

                                                                                                                                                                             When we travelled to Italy last month, I was on a search for a Sephora. There weren't that many in the area we stayed near Venice but the one I found drained my bank account and I couldn't be happier. I am now ready for a no buy January because I have enough of basically everything. There wasn't as much choice for other brands as I hoped. I wanted to buy from brands that we don't get here in the UK and from their own brand, as their collection is brilliant. 

The last time I managed to visit Sephora was over two years ago and things have changed a lot since then, their skincare has had a makeover and there was so much on offer. The things that caught my eye were to do with hydration and glow. 
* The Sephora C + E serum was a holy grail to one of the staff members, she hailed it as the serum that gives her the glow from within and makes her skin feel and look so soft and supple. It contains vitamin c and e, which are both brightening ingredients. 
* I love anything that contains hyaluronic acid and the all day moisturiser and eye cream duo was jumping out at me. I love the simple, science like packaging that they've opted for and having matching products with identical ingredients makes me so happy.
*Something that I bought came with a freebie of a jade roller which is very cool, I've never used one before so I am very excited to pamper myself with this. 

As I mentioned above, their Sephora Collection is amazing and has some incredible products. I've tried most of their lip products in the past and cheek products, so this visit was aimed at eyes and base. 
The first thing that caught my eye was glitter! I was mesmerised by the liquid eyeshadow glitters, I had to stop myself from buying all of them. I settled for a bronze as I have nothing like this in my collection and its surreal. Then we have a simple and easy black pencil liner, my cousin loves this and I needed to try and find out what she loves about it - I am pants at liner so hopefully this helps me a little bit. One product that they were displaying a lot was their Size Up Mascara, I really don't need anymore mascaras but this one looked amazing. The brush wand is huge and its not a sticky or watery formula - I shall report when I've used. 

I'm a foundation collector and need some serious help but I love mixing my base products up and around depending on my mood, the weather and my skin. I've seen and heard about the best skin ever foundation online and wanted to try for myself. I had to completely guess the shade but seem to have matched myself pretty well. Its a medium, buildable coverage that has been formulated to give the skin a natural look. I used it quickly over Christmas and was impressed. It definitely wore better as the day went on. I remember using the set and refresh spray, years and years ago. It had a very fine mist which worked well to set the face in-between foundation and powder - excited to see how it performs.

I have saved the best thing to last. As I was at the till, the most dangerous part as it contains all the minis and exclusives. I spotted some NEW Rare Beauty goodies and squealed with excitement. The lady behind the counter looked so confused and I had to explain that Rare Beauty isn't yet available in the UK. If you don't know, RB is from Selena Gomez and has taken the beauty world by storm. Everything from her is beautiful with simple packaging and quality at the forefront. I won't go into too much detail about what I picked up as I have a full post coming soon... but here is a sneak peek. 

There we have it. A mini Sephora haul that I am so excited about to use and review. We need some of their own brand things over here in the UK! 


2021 Skincare, Makeup and Lifestyle Favourites

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022. It sounds crazy writing that, yet along saying it. I was back at work yesterday and had to remember to write the correct date on the board. Here is a short run down of a few bits and pieces that I loved last year. 

False Lashes for Novices


Whether it’s a special occasion, birthday or just a normal night out, getting glam is my favourite thing to do. I love planning my makeup, outfit, hair and going all out. The last year has been crazy and I haven’t been able to do this as much until recently my ‘social calendar’ has started to fill up and it’s been amazing to get the chance to get all dressed up.

On these occasions, I love applying false eyelashes to give my look that final touch and it has fast become my favourite way to enhance my eyes and complete the overall makeup look. Nowadays, there are so many different options available, there is a style out there to suit all levels of expertise. My personal favourites are the Ardell natural lashes, easy to wear and look beautiful. When it’s a special occasion, the Ardell nakedlashes are stunning.

Believe me when I tell you I understand the struggle of applying lashes! I wear glasses all the time, so when it comes to applying lashes, I have to go in blind and in the past, I’ve had my fair share of lash related disasters.  The band hasn’t glued on correctly, they’ve not suited my eye shape, they’ve stuck down too well and then won’t move – so many disasters. This is my guide to applying, wearing and removing lashes without any hassle, fuss or stress!

Winter Sun Preparation

                                          All being well, my friend and I will be heading off to Croatia on Saturday for some much needed R&R! Like everyone, we've had the most hectic year and she's even graduated during all the madness! As a treat and celebration, we decided to book a few days away during October half term and I for one can't wait. We've taken all the precautions, have everything ready and can't wait to hopefully catch some winter sun! As well as working this week, I've also been getting myself ready for the holiday and here are some of the standouts for me...