Givenchy Prisme Libre Powder Review


If you haven't heard or seen anything about the Givenchy powder, then where have you been? I delayed buying it for the longest time as it isn't the cheapest powder out there but then when the mini was on offer, I couldn't resist.

The full size is available for £48.50 and the little one is £27. You do get less product but for a mini powder it is a lot compared to the mini Huda Beauty one I own. It also comes with a mini powder puff which is just the softest and cutest thing I have ever seen! 

The powder box contains four shades that claim to mattify, blur and illuminate the complexion at the same time. There are four sections inside, which come out of the iconic logo at the top and then you have to mix them all together before applying. There are 6 colour combinations to purchase that suit any skin tone from fair to deep. They also have the blush version of this which I really want to try next. 

I can't even explain just how luxurious and gorgeous this powder is. The packaging and the product are both incredible. It can be a little messy, but this might be because I am using the mini and not the full size. I find that the top and lid can get very messy especially when you try and mix it together.

The powder itself has the fluffiest, lightweight, most airy texture and feel. This lightweight feel means that there is no clinging and settling into lines or pores. I enjoy applying the powder is with the puff that is included and I try to evenly press a bit of each colour or mix it around slightly before applying. 

I like the colour correcting properties of this powder and the fact that it is perfect for touch ups and oil blotting. For me, this powder is great to use under my eyes and around my mouth where I have a lot of discolouration. The price isn't for everyone and I still don't think I could justify the full sized, but for now this is perfect to treat myself every so often or keep it in my handbag for on the go. 

Have you tried the Givenchy Powder? Or do you feel like trying?


3 To Try #1

The summer months inspire me to really switch up and try new things with my makeup. I think my mood is heavily dependant on the weather and lighter days, which go in hand with different makeup. These are three products that I have recently been using and have absolutely fall in love with! 

I got this after seeing it online, as it promises to smooth, blur and control the shine. I did not like it when I first used it, it pilled and did nothing for my skin. Then I started to experiment and using it a few different ways. My current favourite is to pair with a different primer. I start by using a small amount of this blurring primer only in my tzone and then a different primer in all the other areas. It works like a dream and really does control oil! I want to try more from the range as it all seems to be tailored towards my skin type which is amazing.

I ordered a mini of this bronzer when they relaunched it in more shades and became completely obsessed. I used it up so quickly that I just knew that I needed to have the full size. I can't put this bronzer down. It gives my skin the most beautiful bronzed finish, its a matte finish which can be layered under blush or another shimmery bronzer. The shade range isn't brilliant but there is definitely a shade for everyone.

I must admit, I am not much of a concealer person. They aren't really something that I've ever used. I adore the NARS Soft Matte to use under foundation but other than that I don't tend to use one. I was gifted the Kosas one for my birthday and really enjoy using it. Its the perfect shade to wear under my eyes and to brighten other parts of my face. I use it more when I am wanting a full coverage look.

I love discovering new products instead of just using the same things, its nice to rotate things and change it up every so often. 


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur Review

I've officially broken up for the summer and have no excuse to not be blogging and posting! To kick things off, I am talking all about my new favourite lipsticks. The Flawless Lip Blur's from Charlotte Tilbury are my current obsession. I never thought I would go back to liquid lipsticks but this may have just turned me.
These are a matte liquid lipstick, which has some sort of amazing powder blur technology in them to smooth and mattify the lips. Despite being matte, they have something in them to keep them hydrating on the lips and are formulated to last all day. 

There are a total of 8 shades in the range and the two I have aren't enough! I need more. These are comfortable, lightweight, long lasting and so beautiful on the lips. I love wearing these for work as I can put them on at 7am and know that they will still be on at 6pm. It fades slightly from the sides but nearly every lip product does that to me. 

The applicator is the shape of a diamond and makes application really easy. I love pairing both of these shades with the Pillow Talk lip liner and sometimes love adding a gloss to give me a slightly different look altogether.

If you can remember the L'Oreal liquid lipsticks that came out a few years ago or you love the NYX ones, these are very similar. They are a whipped formula which look and feel lovely on the lips. I am utterly obsessed with them. Great if you love lipsticks and need something new to try! 

Pillow Talk Medium is a a cool, dark nude. I love the medium range of pillow talk (lipstick and liner are amazing) and this is just the perfect everyday nude. 

For something a little different and more pink, Rose Blur is perfect. Its warm toned and gives me such a pretty summer look. 

Have you tried either of these? They are honestly beautiful!! 



NARS Soft Matte Concealer Review

If you are in the mood to buy some new makeup, I highly recommend buying a the NARS Soft Matte Concealer. It is the most versatile concealer I have ever come across and lasts for ages. The pot that it empty, I purchased in December 2021 and it has only just finished! I made sure that I used every last ounce of the concealer before replacing it. 
NARS Soft Matte Concealer Acne

For me, NARS is a brand that has iconic products/staples. Foundations that everyone loves, a blush shade that everyone owns in some form ... if you love the brand or want to try the brand, make sure the pot concealer if first on your list to buy.