False Lashes for Novices


Whether it’s a special occasion, birthday or just a normal night out, getting glam is my favourite thing to do. I love planning my makeup, outfit, hair and going all out. The last year has been crazy and I haven’t been able to do this as much until recently my ‘social calendar’ has started to fill up and it’s been amazing to get the chance to get all dressed up.

On these occasions, I love applying false eyelashes to give my look that final touch and it has fast become my favourite way to enhance my eyes and complete the overall makeup look. Nowadays, there are so many different options available, there is a style out there to suit all levels of expertise. My personal favourites are the Ardell natural lashes, easy to wear and look beautiful. When it’s a special occasion, the Ardell nakedlashes are stunning.

Believe me when I tell you I understand the struggle of applying lashes! I wear glasses all the time, so when it comes to applying lashes, I have to go in blind and in the past, I’ve had my fair share of lash related disasters.  The band hasn’t glued on correctly, they’ve not suited my eye shape, they’ve stuck down too well and then won’t move – so many disasters. This is my guide to applying, wearing and removing lashes without any hassle, fuss or stress!

Winter Sun Preparation

                                          All being well, my friend and I will be heading off to Croatia on Saturday for some much needed R&R! Like everyone, we've had the most hectic year and she's even graduated during all the madness! As a treat and celebration, we decided to book a few days away during October half term and I for one can't wait. We've taken all the precautions, have everything ready and can't wait to hopefully catch some winter sun! As well as working this week, I've also been getting myself ready for the holiday and here are some of the standouts for me... 

Autumn Transitional Favourites

                         Autumn is one of those seasons where the weather really is unpredictable. You just can't call on what is going to happen. Last week, I had my coat out for the first half of the week and then put it away towards the end. With the dark mornings making a return its time to give the makeup and skincare routine a shake up to get ready for the cold season. I thought I would share with you my favourite transitional items...                    


Summer Favourites

The beginning of September is here and its time to reflect on the summer that seems like its so long ago! I've loved the summer - its been great to relax, recharge and reset. I've also had a lot of time to waste money and spend money on myself! These are the products that I've loved..