The Glowy Makeup Edit for Oily Skin

When the summer months come around, I give my makeup a switch around to give me more of a glow. However, I am an oily skinned girl - achieving that glow is hard when your body just wants to produce oil and make you look like a greasy mess. I've compiled together some products that give me a lovely summer, bronzed, glowy look and it doesn't take much either. I did a similar post last year, the year before and the year before that too!  Apologies now for the over use of the words glow, glowy, dew, dewy, shiny, oily ect...       
The Glowy Makeup Edit for Oily Skin

dewy makeup for oily skin

This whole look starts right from the base and builds up. Even though I want to create that glowy makeup look, my foundation needs to be matte as my skin can't take a foundation that is sold as 'glowy'. The L'Oreal Infallible one is just perfect for me. It gives me coverage after just one layer, lasts all day (even through humidity) and looks stunning on the skin. Under my eyes and on those pesky spots goes the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. I am yet to find a product that out shines this, it is creamy and so easy to blend on top of the foundation. This duo, dries down and sets to a matte finish but doesn't make me look like a doll or without any features. 
As this base sets itself, there is little to no need for powder as I want some of my natural oils to peek through but not all of them. Taking the Too Faced Powder in Transculent, I apply to my tzone area and leave the rest of my face without powder. It shocked me at first that this would hold my makeup together during the day, but targeting the areas that will get oily quick with powder and leaving the rest - makes a lot of sense. 

elf white gold highlighter

The next part of this look is giving the skin some colour and glow with two very easy and simple products. Bronzer is something I use all year round, my face is permanently a different colour to my neck! My current love is the Revolution Bronzer, as you can see, it is very well loved. It is very warm compared to my skin tone but a light dusting all over gives my skin a lovely bronzed look. Then we have the first star of show and one of the products that inspired this whole post. I bought this E.L.F White Gold Highlighter because it just looked so pretty and indeed it is. I love applying this to the cheeks, inner corner of the eye, under the brow, bridge of the nose - BASICALLY EVERYWHERE. It is stunning and when the light hits - oh my goodness. Its just gorgeous and I need the other ones they have in the range. 

MAC indian lipsticks

 If I could be bothered with any eye makeup then that would be glittery and rose gold. However, I tend to just wear some mascara on a daily basis. A glowy look for me, is best paired with a glossy nude lip. The trio of MAC's Soar liner and lipstick, topped with the ABH Lipgloss in Caramel is just heavenly. It doesn't feel sticky or clingy on the lips, just lovely and really ties the whole look together. 
Now we have the star of the show! Caudalíe is a brand that I just can't get enough of, there is nothing from them that I haven't loved! This is another one that has been added on to the list. Their beauty elixir is famous and well loved by many and now they have a limited edition version for £32* and its gorgeous. The mist has many powers; tightens the skin, sets makeup and gives the skin a boost. I find that a few sprays of this at the end of doing my makeup just makes it looks perfect. Everything is set, it doesn't look powdery and it gives the skin a dew that I can't describe. I keep this with me in my work bag now too and spray it when I feel that I'm getting slightly oily or when my makeup just needs a boooooost. Its just incredible.
glowy makeup for oily skin

As you can see, being a oily skin girl does not stop me from having dewy, glowy and gorgeous skin in the summer! Hope you enjoyed <3 

*pr samples, all opinons are my own and 100% honest. 

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