Summer Skincare Picks

My very breakout prone skin is loving the weather at the moment, its given it some life. To help with that I've stripped back my routine to keep it simple, hydrating and still targeting my key concerns; breakouts, oiliness and pigmentation. The following 4 products have made a difference to my overall skin. 
summer skincare for oily skin

The Collosol Eau de Lait* (100ml for £9.50) is the perfect alternative makeup remover. It is a water and milk hybrid that cleanses and removes makeup within a couple of swipes. I can use 3 cotton pads to remove everything from my whole face. I tend to use it as a first cleanse and then go over with a oil/foaming cleanser for my second to ensure everything is properly removed. It doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and tacky, it removes even the stubborn waterproof makeup! I love that its 100ml too, perfect for using in flight and on the go. I thought it would have a milk like smell but in fact its more citrus and flora - which is refreshing and not reactive on the skin. 

This Glow Dark Spot Toner is a miracle worker. It has helped heal and sort out the scarring and marks on my face. I only use a tiny amount every night and can feel my face tingling with excitement when applied. The AHAs in have really helped the rejuvenation of my skin and I wouldn't be without it. I wish they did this is a mini version as I can't imagine life without it when away. I have a full review here, if you fancy reading!

Using a moisturiser every night is something that I am so bad with. In the past I've used cocoa butter, e45, all sorts to give my skin some hydration and nourishment. But, I found that they were all making my skin really greasy and clogging up the already troublesome pores that I have. Then Dermalogica came into my life around this time last year and they changed my whole skincare game. Their intestive moisturising range is life changing and now the clear start range is my go to, This Clearing Defence moisturiser* is any oily skin/breakout persons best friend. I love that it contains SPF 30, its mattifying, which makes it a great makeup primer and it isn't greasy or sticky. 

The last step in this easy routine is to target the big concerns, for me, its spots. There aren't as many on my face at the moment but when they do come - they all come at once! This SR UFO oil is the only thing that keeps them at bay. I've tried all kinds of spot creams but nothing compares to this oil. Applying a small amount to the areas of concern at night does the trick. It doesn't make them disappear, but it does shrink the size and get rid of any redness or even a whitehead without the need to pop. If not this, then I use the Pixi TZone Mask* to give my skin a deeper lift and clean. 

Skincare is way more important to me now than it ever has been. More of taking time to use products correctly rather than using them for the sake of using them!

*pr samples, all opinons are my own and honest

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