Glossy but not Sticky

I am 100% a lip product addict. I have too many, some would say far too many, but your girl needs options. One option that seems to be growing is the gloss. I love a liquid lipstick, adore a matte lip but there is something about a glossy lip that just looks beautiful. I've tried and tested some in the past few months and these 4 just top the charts by a mile. They are pink/nude as this is my go to for everyday. These are 4 glosses that are glossy but not sticky, so no worrying about it getting all tangled in your hair. 
nude lipglosses for indian skn

glosses that are not sticky

I'm going to talk about them in the order of the swatches above, starting from the bottom and working up to the top. 

#Sephora Gloss

This is a gloss and liquid lipstick hybrid. It isn't very clear, more on the pigmented side and looks beautiful not only on its own but paired on top of something else. This is the one that I keep in my bag for on the go and late mornings. I can apply it and keep it on my lips for hours without it feeling sticky, heavu or annoying. I need more of these- if only Sephora was here!

#Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip in Juicy Date*

The newest one in the collection but one that is perfect for the summer. When BB launched these there was a lot of buzz around them and I kept seeing them everywhere on instagram - and I caved. This smells good enough to eat and the name is so sweet too. I love that this has a more lipstick feeling to it but gives a glossy effect on the lips. I don't find that this lasts on me for very long, its more of a evening option than all day wear. 

#ABH Lipgloss in Caramel

ABH do no wrong in my opinion, yet to find a product that I don't love! This is a gloss that I wear always on its own with just lip liner underneath. It is pink with a kind of peach tint to it and screams summer. I wore this when I went to the cinema a couple of weeks ago and it stayed put through popcorn, ice blast and the food after. There was no peeling or flaking. My lips looked and felt so plump too.

#Fenty in Fu$$y

Ahhh Fenty, the brand that keeps stealing my heart. This gloss bomb is like no other. It is the sheerest of the lot and rightly so. It looks good on top of anything and everthing. On bare lips - lovely, lip liner - stunning, lipstick - just perfect. I love wearing this with the Stunna Lip Paint underneath to really achieve that perfect nude for everyday and night. J'adore.

Are you a fan of the glossy lip look? <3 


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