Achieving Glowy Skin When You Have Oily Skin

Giving this post a title was SO difficult, I have combination skin which leans on the oily side but lately I have been loving a very dewy and glowy look compared to matte and shine free. It has been hard to find the balance between looking lovely and like a frying pan but I have sussed it out. A few simple steps and inexpesive products is all you need oh and this post, of course! Just a warning that the words dewy, glowy, oily and shiny will be used a great deal in this post 😂
glowy skin for oily skin

It all starts with the skincare..

Everyday skincare is of course very important and it is the best way to get that natural glow. The night before I am wanting to achieve this 'look' or even on the day, I love doing a face mask that promotes brightening and hydration. The L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask is the perfect product to do just this, you can either leave it on 10 minutes as a quick fix in the morning or an hour th night before. It will instantly give you brighter skin, following this up with a moisturiser to lock in the glow and hydration. I'm loving Shea Butter at the moment, it is so creamy and makes my skin so soft but not greasy. 
oily skin dewy

Then the makeup...

Now this is where it gets serious, having oily skin is a pain and you find yourself having to wear matte products all day or check up on your makeup throughout the day to avoid looking really shiny. I would always use some sort of primer as a base to my makeup, The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer is my holy grail. It works with every single foundation and helps my makeup to last. I have then been loving to use BarryM colour corrector before applying foundation. Dewy makeup needs to make your skin look almost perfect, with the amount of redness on my skin the only way to get rid of this was through colour correcting. Having the concealer using a dofer application is so much easier, you can just dab it on the place you need. 

Then for foundation, the main product that will give you that glow without looking greasy. I am loving the L'Oreal Pro Glow, sadly it hasn't been released in the UK but thanks to this incredible Ebay seller you can still buy it. This is a medium coverage foundation that applies like a dream, easy to blend and very glowy. It is everything you want in a dewy foundation and more, I find it lasts on my skin as long as I use a primer and loose powder otherwise it slides and transfers. Instead of using a pressed powder, I opt for a loose one. Applying it only to my t-zone, the area that gets so shiny throughout the day and then this keeps everything in place. 

The most obvious product is of course highlighter, there are so many that I love and could have picked for this post but one that I keep coming back to is Champagne Pop. Created by the highlighter queen herself, Jacyln Hill has made a killer of a product here. It gives you that gorgeous glow, without you even having to try. A little goes such a long way and it is noticeable, don't presume that it will be hidden. If a dewy foundation isn't for you then you can always create the dewiness with a highlighter.

I love the look that these products give me and think that dewy is the new matte for me. I need to invest in a product such as the strobe cream though, I think that it will be a game changer. Do you love a glow or a matte makeup look? 


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