Dressing For In-between Weather

Guess who finally has an outfit post, this girl!!! I have loved doing these more often, they really allow me to put together some outfits that represent me and what I'm all about. Each post I put up has been carefully thought out and planned so that it what I wear all the time, rather than something random. This time round, I shot with the lovely Laura from Laura Haley Photographer. Being a blogger herself, Laura knew exactly what I wanted and made me feel so comfortable. We had the perfect weather and some gorgeous locations, I can't wait for you to see the rest and for me to work with her again! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram via the following links.
In today's post we are talking all about ways to dress in this awful inbetween weather, by this I mean when its sunny one minute and raining the next. Its hard to know what to wear in the morning because you can't judge anything!                  
smart casual

styling a jacket

Mix Spring and Winter Together
It can get really awkward at this time of year when it comes to knowing what to wear, sometimes it is best to embrace this. I love mixing items of clothing together, for example fluffy coats and prints or vests and jackets. This striped jacket is from Primark a few months ago and I am obsessed. It is quite thick but perfect to wear all year round. There are so many ways to style it and pairing it with jeans and a plain vest is by far my favourite! 


Wear shoes with a Peep Toe
Can we please just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful these Melissa Glitter Ultragirl* shoes are (£105)??? As part of the Vivienne Westwood collaboration they are just gorgeous and so girly (SCREAMS)! With an all over pink glitter and then the iconic VW sign on the front in gold to really make it stand out. I love these shoes because not only are they so comfortable to wear but the peep toe gives them that summer vibe. Your feet aren't going to get drenched in water as they would if you wear sandals, or feel too squashed in boots - they are just perfect. They have a slight wedge to them, which is very subtle and hidden to give you that extra edge. I am slightly in love with these Mellisa shoes and just know that I will be getting a lot of wear out of them this summer and beyond. 

I wore these to the dentist the other day and my dentist loved them, she said that they were perfect for the summer without being too much and I completely agree they are just perfect. 

summer style

Layer Up
The best piece of advice someone once gave me was to wear different light layers in the summer, this means that you can take a layer off as the day gets warmer or add a layer if it gets colder. In this case, I can take the jacket off or keep it on and just pop it in to this gorgeous MK bag which is perfect for the spring. Because the top and jeans are a neutral blue and white combo, any jacket or jumper would look perfect with it - meaning you can take it from day to night without a fuss. 

student fashion on a budget

I've done the shameful thing of repeating this outfit several times (sshhh) but when it works so well together and can either make you look smart or casual, wouldn't you? 

How do you dress for this in between weather? xoxo

*in collaboration with Melissa Footwear

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