Trying My Hand At Contacts

Since the age of 8, I have always worn glasses. I need them for reading, writing, teaching, driving even when I apply my makeup! Without them there would be no me and I wouldn't be able to see a THING. My parents and the opticians have always gone on to me about wearing contacts but I'm such a wimp, that I've always said no. Until now, with my eyesight as bad as it is (I'm -12 on both eyes) it was time for a change. 
lashes for contacts
I wanted to try them and see how I got on. Surprisingly, it was a lot easier than I thought and felt so comfortable! There was a lot of frustration trying to place them correctly in my eye, but once they were in my eyes adjusted and I could see! By wearing contacts it means that applying makeup is a whole lot easier. When wearing glasses, I tend to just work around my frames and try and get in the gaps as much as I can without taking them off. This sometimes results in the bridge of my nose of the side of my eyes having no makeup at all - oops. With contacts, it is so easy to apply face makeup and even easier to apply eye makeup! Its amazing how much easier everything is. The one thing that was super simple to do was apply false lashes!

Koko lashes review

The lovely people at FalseEyelashes sent me over two gorgeous pairs of Koko lashes* and they were the perfect lashes to apply to my newly opened eyes and aren't they stunning?! 
On the left eye, I applied the Jet Setter lashes (£11.50). Now, these Koko lashes are pricier than your average pair of lashes but the quality is something else and worth the price tag.  These lashes are very feathery and are very long, in hindsight, I should have trimmed these because they would not sit on my eye comfortably. In the image below you can see that the band if above my eye - it was a real struggle. However, they do look gorgeous. 
Then on the right eye, we have the Heiress lashes (£11.50). Of the two sets, these are my favourite and the ones that I will get a lot of use out of this summer. They are wispy, full and give my eyes lift and volume. The shape of them and length, fit my eye shape so much better and they sit perfectly without any problems. When you look at the photo below of each lash on each eye, you can see that these just look 110% better. 
simple eye makeup

lashes for glasses

koko lashes review
Both of these lashes look and feel amazing, there is just one pair that I prefer a lot more and I think that's true for everything lash wise. You either get on with a pair or you don't and once you find the perfect pair, everything else is history. For the rest of this eye look, I dug out my good old Naked palette. The shades in their are perfect for everyday and for someone who usually hides behind the lense, the neutrals and browns were good to get started with. I am now craving the Soft Glam palette as I think these shades would be amazing for everyday for something simple or dramatic in the evening - maybe a cheeky payday purchase!
My base, is the Cover FX foundation and my lips are lined with MAC Soar liner and lipstick! I can't believe its taken me this long to take the glasses off but I think this is the start of something new and quite exciting...
*lashes gifted, opinions stated are my own and honest

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