Diwali Eyes

Happy Diwali! Well, it was technically yesterday but still Happy Diwali! I was at work all day, but we celebrated in the evening and will be carrying on at the weekend because why not. I kept my base very simple as I wanted the focus to be on the eyes. With a stunning palette that screams evening, some fluttery lashes and gold liner why wouldn't they be the focus! 
diwali makeup

jacyln hill makeup look

Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Bling Bloss Palette
I am very much loving the vault collection, I haven't had any negative experiences with the formula compared to others. In fact, they work a dream on my eyes. The pigmentation is amazing, there isn't any fall out and I love how each palette has a selection of shades to create different looks.
For this particular look, I used a range of shades both in my crease and on the lid. I wanted something smokey and dramatic but quite pretty. In the crease I used Sparks, Hush  Hush and Rockstar. The three of them are really pigmented and pack a punch. It was easy to blend them into one another and I took a little Rockstar under the eye too. Then for the lid, I took Bling Bling and Balsy on my finger, and tapped away until I got the desired amount of shimmer. I am so pleased with the end result, the eyes made my whole outfit.

false eyelashes eyelsashes review

Lashes from False Eyelashes*
I just want to apologise for the state of these lashes and my brows. As far as brows are concerned, they need doing but I'm trying my best to let them be until the end of the month. Then lashes, I completely forgot to take these pictures when I first did my makeup. Hence, why my skin looks terrible and the lash bands are falling off my eye - it was like 1 am!
I of course had to put some lashes on for this joyous occasion, and what better than to try out the newly released mink lashes from False Eyelashes. The site is my go to when it comes to buying lashes, they have so much choice! These are their own brand lashes and are just as good, if not better than branded ones. I love how each they were to apply, using the applicator - which makes life so much easier. They didn't feel heavy on the eyes and looked amazing.

eyeshadow for glasses

The Little Extras
To finish the eye look off, I applied Maybelline Lash Sensational to both the upper and lower lash line. The Esqido liner* in the brown shade, is ideal to apply in the waterline as it doesn't make the eyes look really small nor does it draw attention away from the main look. I took the tiniest bit of this gold liner and applied it on the first half moon of my eyelid. I loved the effect it created but next time, would probably do a proper cur crease and take it all the way over. 

Happy Diwali To All! I'm writing this very early in the morning.. so I best sign off x


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