Löwengrip Review

Löwengrip is a brand that was started by Isabella Löwengrip. A beauty venture that in just a couple of years has become one of the leading brands in the Nordics. The brand offers amazing quality products that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and scalp. Löwengrip creates its own  recipes, which are formulated together with real people, through a process of detailed social media communication and feedback. I've been using two products from the brand for about month now and I am in love. 
Lowengrip Review

Lowengrip UK Hair Mask Review

Using a hair mask in my hair routine, was never something that I thought I would need. However, this particular one has made a big difference to the health of my hair. The main ingredients are shea butter, which is very nourishing and bamboo extract to help repair, regenerate and protect damaged hair. A weird but wonderful ingredient also inside is sunflower oil, which retains moisture in the hair while argan oil and apple seed oil provide suppleness and shine. All of these together give you tangle free, soft and healthy looking hair. 

I tested this in a really odd way. The first week, I used it three times - at the same time as shampooing my hair. The mask is to be used after shampoo and before conditioner. My hair felt soft, silky and no need for conditioner. Then the second and third time, I used the hair mask on Sunday and this time used a real good handful. I found that this gave my hair a boost and I didn't have to wash it for the next week! I didn't believe this, so the next week the mask wasn't included in my routine - and I ended up washing it twice again that week. The following week, I used the mask again and didn't wash my hair for the week. Can you spot the pattern? 

Its amazing that just one product has changed my whole hair! 
Lowengrip Body Balm Review

I am such a moisturiser hoarder, from face to body - I need them all. Sometimes, I think that I have way more than I need but never mind. This balm gives the skin nourishment. It is enriched with MICRO PROSkin, which is a strong blend of prebiotics and probiotics - which smoothes the texture of the skin. It also gives the skin a slight glow, nothing too in your face but a little shimmer. This would be lovely to wear and layer up in the winter. I love applying this on my legs, to make them look less boring and dull.  It also smells incredible, with notes of honey and musk, your skin just lifts with this gorgeous scent. 

I have been super impressed by both of these Löwengrip products, they do the job, look gorgeous on my shelf with the rose gold packaging and smell so good. 
*pr samples

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