Bedtime Rituals

A few weeks ago, the most random parcel arrived at my doorstep. It was from REN Skincare in the US. I was so confused, as I haven't given them my address. Then I got a sense of excitement because REN are one brand, I have always wanted to try. Soon after, I got confused again. As you can tell, I am still a bit all over the place - but I wanted to say thank you - if you're reading this and sent me this parcel because my sleeping pattern and bedtime routine has never been better. Since, going back after half term my body has managed to get itself into a routine and doing little things before going to bed has made the biggest difference to my quality of sleep. 

bedtime rituals

1. Switching Off
One thing I have started to do is shut down my phone and leave it alone before going to sleep. I can spend hours scrolling, typing and searching and it was time to stop. Now, I am so strict with myself and don't touch the thing until the next morning. I allow the battery to drain and then that's it. I have seen the biggest difference in my sleep thanks to this, my brain isn't going and still awake thinking about all the things.

2. Extra Boost
I never really realised the importance of taking vitamins for good health. I take iron and vitamin c in the morning to help with my immune system. On nights were I am really tired, such as a Monday and Wednesday - which are my busiest working days. I take a HUM Beauty ZZZ Supplement*. This is a vitamin that is packed with Melatonin that helps to regulate sleep. It doesn't taste of anything and is easy to swallow. Within 15 minutes of taking one, I start to feel really sleepy and can feel myself nodding off with ease and eventually I do. These are miracle workers if you're someone who wants a good nights sleep or sometimes finds it hard dosing off, maybe have a try. I wouldn't say these are a good long term cure to sleep problems however.

night time routine

3. Preparation
Every night, I get myself organised for the next day. This way, if I wake up late or end up running late everything is ready to go. My bag stays near the door with my badge, purse and break time snack ready. I decide my outfit for the next day and keep it ready to go, along with any accessories I might be wearing and shoes that need to match up. To cut down my shower time in the morning, I wash my hair at night and set it ready to roll the next day. The Living Proof Night Cap Overnight Perfector* helps to do just that. Its an overnight treatment that can be used on both damp and dry hair, to provide up to one week of more manageable hair. I don't really know how or why but this makes my hair sleek and straight for up to 3 days without needing a wash or heat. It didn't feel heavy, greasy or the lotion didn't stain bedding! It is amazing. 

4. Skincare
Looking after my skin every night after wearing a face full of makeup has become my number one priority. It starts with cleansing with the CeraVe Foaming Cleanser, followed up by the Pixi Glow Tonic, topped by the Antipodes Serum and completed with the REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm*. Lately, the skin under my eyes and around my nose and mouth has been REALLY dry. It feels too tight and has gone really flaky. I took the plunge and applied this balm in these areas and saw an instant difference. A difference so great that even an oil, moisturiser or hydrating mask couldn't fix. I love that this almost Vaseline like balm, can be applied anywhere and it eradicates the dryness. 
REN sleep kit

5. Relaxing
I wrote recently about my perfect night in and these sorts of night have been happening a lot less due to time restrictions but that wasn't going to stop me from relaxing. I still apply a face mask every now and then, paint my nails (of course) and read a book. However, the very last step before getting into bed is to spray my pillow, and basically my whole room with the REN Pillow Spray*. I have seen everyone and their next door neighbour talk about this and praise it. Let me just tell you, it is LIFE CHANGING. Oh my life, I sprayed this and fell in love with the scent, I want this in a perfume please REN. Its a mix of lavender, frankincense and hops all work in sync to calm you, relax and slowly help you to sleep. The whole house is obsessed with this stuff - we need more!! 
                                              What are some of your bedtime rituals?                                           

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