8 Things For A Perfect Night In

Arriving home after work, you immediately kick your shoes off, put everything down remove the monstrosities that are your bra and makeup, and relocate to the comfiest spot in your home be it the bed or the sofa. Flick on the TV and start scrolling on your phone...

We all have that list of things to do, but it’s nearing 7 p.m. and your just not up to...

Sound familiar at all? 

Well, do you know what. Its time to change things. Since, starting to work full time I have decided that the evenings are for some ME TIME. This starts with having a night in that is perfect, relaxing and where I do nothing but chill. Here are 11 Things For The Perfect Night In, no matter your job, budget or excuse...
perfect night in
1. A Playlist
Playing some of your favourite throwback songs is always going to get you relaxed or in a better mood. I am loving listening to a bit of old school J-Lo at the moment, it really gets me in the mood. 

2. Food & Drink
Its not a night to yourself with some good food and drink is it? Whether this be ordering a takeaway to have ready for when you get in or putting a ready meal in the oven, anything that requires little effort. Of course, don't forget about the sweet treats too. Chocolate is my guilty pleasure at the moment and saving it until my ME time makes it even more special.
night in snacks

3. Switch Off The Phone
Having a night in, is the perfect time to switch off your phone. Give yourself and your eyes a break from the screen. Don't worry about the emails or social media posts, because these are the things that make us feel more drained and tired. I love putting my phone away and getting a good book out, I rarely have time to just and read and this is the perfect time to do it. 

4. Create an Atmosphere
I believe a lot that the environment around you affects your mood, light a candle or spray something to set the mood and get you going. Make the space that you plan on spending the evening in comfortable and warming. This could mean a range of blankets and pillows, the clothes you are wearing or even just what you're going to be sat on/in. 

5. Have A Bath
I have to admit, that I am more of a shower person than bath. However, when it comes to a night in or some TLC a bath is the way to go. It is just so relaxing and calming. Sanctuary Bathrooms recently sent me all these goodies* to give me the ultimate night in experience and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I used a bath bomb, which is something I haven't done in years, it made the water orange and combined with the spicy scent of the candle, it made the bathroom smell incredible. 

6. Pamper Yourself
There is nothing better than putting a face mask on, eating some chocolate and not caring about anything in the world. I found having this bath tray* really handy, it allowed me to have everything in one place and nothing got wet or in the way. It now makes the perfect addition to the bathroom. 

7. Binge Watch
My favourite evenings are the ones where I watch back to back of my favourite tv show, whether this be a repeat of an old favourite or start a new one. I've recently been loving Suits and am still a series behind, so that is my go to. Along with the emotional drama that is This is Us, that show gets me every single time. 

8. Fresh PJs
This is a given - but treat yourself midweek to fresh bedding and a fresh pair of pjs. There is no better feeling then a fresh set of both things, guaranteed to perk you up! 

To round the post off, I just want to say that from now on you need to start looking after yourself more. We all have so much going on that we forget that our health and well being is important, sometimes you have to put yourself first.
*post in collaboration with Sanctuary Bathrooms

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