Bath & Body Works Autumn Haul

Did you know that the famous Bath and Body Works is FINALLY opening in the UK soon? I saw it over on twitter, as they were advertising for jobs across the country and when I went to the one in Hawaii, the manager there mentioned it to me! This was my first visit and it was incredible. The shop was quite small, with more body items compared to candles, which is what I really wanted due to them moving shop locations but all in all it was worth it. It put my mind at rest and I managed to pick up some 'fall' bits to keep me going. 

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Range
It was very very overwhelming at just how many different scent ranges they had, there was far too much choice! The one that appealed to me the most was this very appropriate and cliche fall scent. Just one whiff of the body cream and I was sold. One of the offers at the time was buy three and get three free across body, so I bought myself the body butter, spray and shower gel and some gifts for other people too. It was too good to not buy anybody else anything, hopefully these offers and similar prices make their way over here too. Describing scents is not my best ability but in simple terms, it smells like baking and vanilla all mixed together. If you like drinking the classic PSL then you will love this! It also isn't overly sweet, compared to other scented body products that are available to buy on the market. 

Mini Hand Gels
Whenever I go to pay in any retail shop, the till section is hell. I see so many more things that I want to buy! When queueing up to pay, my dad and I spotted these adorable mini hand gels, they are only 29ml so under the liquid restraint and come in a variety of scents. These were also on offer, buying 6 for the price of 5 meant you got one for free. I keep one in my bag now and use it from time to time because the scent is incredible, for a small little bottle they pack a punch. The Happy Bday ones have made great gifts for friends and family. 

Mix and Match
I loved that so many of the offers in store and online are mix and match ones, so you aren't tied to only having one scent. For $12 or it might have been $15 you got to pick three medium sized products. I chose the Warm Vanilla Sugar body cream as it smelt like Christmas, they didn't have this in a full size otherwise I would have been all over it. Then the matching body spray and a peach spray too, these make great additions to my perfume collection and a quick spritz in the morning lasts me all day - which some expensive perfumes fail to do. 

Like I mentioned at the start, the candle part of the store was pretty weak. I wanted to buy and try so many but there just wasn't much choice, no classics like Leaves or Sweater Weather but in the corner there was this little gem hidden away. It was $24 for a large three wick but if you could smell throughout the screen, you would agree that it was well worth it. This candle not only smells good when in the packaging but when it burns it lifts the room. This smells very cinnamony, so not for those who don't like strong scents as it is very overpowering the first 1.2 hour of lighting it. The jar also lasted a whole 17 hours in the plane, so it is very durable indeed. 

I am SO EXCITED for BBW to launch in the UK, they have an array of different products that nowhere really does for the price they do. 

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